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Dec 20, 2014
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It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you all that highsesertranger, aka HDR or simply my friend Mike passed away today from Lou Gehrig's disease.

I met Mike at the 2017 RTR and was lucky enough to spend the next three with him. To know him here you would think that he was gruff. He and his prospecting camp certainly fit the bill of a gruff old prospector but in person he had a heart of gold.

My condolences to his family and friends.

Buddy, you will be missed.
O. M. G.    

i can't believe it.   I wanted to meet him.  I thought very highly of him.  It doesn't seem real.......
I'm in shock, did not know he was ill. I also met HDR at RTR a totally genuine person. You could expect to hear the real deal from him, a man to count on. And those overalls.

So, so sad. He will be missed.
His input here is so highly valued. His wisdom will be missed and yet his words will be hear for us and those yet to join us....

I had noticed that he was not posting much lately but I just thought, you know, that he was busy out there making a living...maybe out of cell range.

So sorry to hear this news. I knew he had built out his dream trailer seemed to be his pride and joy. I hope it ends up with someone from the forum or an equally deserving nomad.

R.I.P. HDR. 

He was a wonderful person. Words can not express how much he will be missed on the forum and at the RTRs.
Rest in peace Mike.
RIP Mike. I had so hoped to go to Oregon this year to help him with digging/hauling for the yellow stuff. From what I read about ALS is there is usually no physical pain involved. I can't come close to imagining the mental stuff.

I first met him at our first RTR in 2016 (it was his first too). They got too large in 2017 so the wife and I stayed around camp. I haven't been since.
Less than a month is far too little time to even begin to know some one.  From what I have read his tech savvy and can do attitude marked him as a wise elder in this community.  We can no longer consult him for advice, only read what he left behind.  It would be untrue to say I miss him, but I did miss the opportunity and that truth weighs on me.  Life is short, don't take your friends for granted.  Make the most of what you can, share and pay it forward.
That is very sad news. I'll miss his presence on the forum.
Mike was such a driving force in this forum. A warm soul. And a brilliantly unique individual. I will always remember your gold mining and vehicle recovery classes at the RTRs ... and that one last visit with you in the afternoon shade. I will miss you. RIP HighDesertRanger
I am sad to hear that, I am proud to say that he gave me all 80 of my warnings and just to piss me off, made them for life, but I never resented him cause I knew despite all the warnings and threats that he would not click the 100 so we would not loose our relationship. I knew he had a big heart, that he was fair and he was kind. I enjoyed him, he was knowledgeable, I will miss him. I really liked him. XO