Why do fools fall in love?

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Jan 15, 2014
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I found out some news yesterday... My ex wife got married two days after the divorce was final.

I feel real bad for the guy she married. Seriously, I do. That one alienated my children, lied to me, lied about me, ran up large bills with "payday loans" and cost me my home. Even worse, she abandoned her cat because it preferred me over her.

I have been awake most of the night thinking about what I could have done to change things. I came to the conclusion that I could not have changed things, other than by not marrying her in the first place.

I really need to hit the road and detox from the pressures for a long while. After taking care of everyone for the past 30 years, it is my turn now. 4 months~~~.
Being single is a blessing. There are predatory spouse hunters out there. Some have pretty faces and nice attitude. But always be careful is they have talent to support themselves.
After 3 Marriages..........I finally figured out the true definition of S T U P I D !!!!!!!

First one was because of young lust
Second one Im now Clueless
Third time I thought it was right , We never divorced and I know she is praying I kick the bucket soon!......
At least I got the children. Every last wife has cost me a home. Each one larger than the last. Now there is nothing left except my furniture and tools. The kids are getting those. I will have everything else divided up before I hit the road, The biggest problem will be over my library. Furniture is easy, books have meaning. The tools are going with me.

I wish I found someone that did not go greedy or crazy.

#1 moved back in with Mama and Mama's husband #7. She loaded up her things, my things, and a lot of the landlords things.
#2 went crazy and tried to kill me. I was awarded the children. She raided my bank, lost the house by not making the payments, then went on "vacation" and never came back.
#3 was manipulated by her kids, but got bored when the honeymoon was over. That is after she drained my bank account from the sale of my new home.
#4 took me for everything. left me $100,000 in debt. But I made her pay for the divorce!

Now I am nobodys fool.
I've been thru enough of the marriage crap.
Margie and I have lived together for close to 8 yrs. We get along well, love each other, but wouldn't say "in love". Its more about comfort, companionship, and knowing that we're helping one another cope with daily life.
I have no problem living alone (did for 30 yrs). I can cook, sew, and take care of other needs, but I like the company, as well as the other benefits.
Maybe we'll hang in there for life, maybe not. We have no promises, no forever has been mentioned. It is what it is.
What hurt the most was the way she abandoned her old cat. At the time I had two cats that had been with me for 9 and 10 years. I still have one, the other died of cancer. Children and pets are lifetime commitments. I will not force someone to stay around if they are not happy.
Never been married, never will be. The horror stories my friends tell me about their marriages, even the successful ones, have convinced me I'm not the marrying kind.

I love my dog, enjoy the time and conversations I share with my friends, I love my relatives and their kids (but I'm happy I always have the option of giving them back) and that's good enough for me. The idea of me finding a "soul mate" is a heart breaking generally fleeting fantasy I choose not to participate in.
GS, its time to shuck the veil of of disdain that's torturing you.

You've moved on, so let that be gone out of sight in the rearview. You have the love and support of your kids...and you saved that cat from total abandonment. You've given your best to them and that's what really counts.

Yeah....blah blah blah....you've heard all this before.
Cool....just a brotherly word.
SHE is not MY problem... LOL!! It just hurts that people have kept the truth from me because they were ashamed of it. The old cat found a forever home, so I let him be with an old retired couple that treated him like the baby he was.

I can deal with being treated bad. I hate it when an animal is abandoned by the human it has grown to love and depend on.

You can tell a lot about a person, by whom its dog or cat thinks it is. You can tell even more by how they treat their pets.
Blue said:
Never been married, never will be. The horror stories my friends tell me about their marriages, even the successful ones, have convinced me I'm not the marrying kind.

Yep yep yep. I came to the attitude that if marriage and children are gonna happen to me, it's gonna haveto catch me pretty damned early in the morning, unawares and from behind.
Blue said:
Never been married, never will be. The horror stories my friends tell me about their marriages, even the successful ones, have convinced me I'm not the marrying kind.

I would not trade my children for all the money in the world. Having them was worth all the pain their mother put me through. The other ones can kiss my catbox. (Precleaning.)
Divorced 4 times? Wow! You beat my record at 3 divorces. I thought I was the only way who couldn't learn my lesson! :D Divorces have a way of leaving you worse off, at least it was so in my case. Personally I think marriage is overrated. Having kids is even worse. I'm glad I'm free of all that. I just don't care to conform to societal norms anymore. :p
Yesterdays loss is tomorrows opportunity, the fact that you can re-examine your own role, reflecting on what you could have done differently just tells me you are a good person, and a "fool who will fall in love again: :)

You have your tools, (working man never leaves his tools, or cat/dog for that matter), you have the road, I bet you will find yourself, and find someone better.

Of course if you get gun shy you could just take my approach, my second time around I married an Italian, upon accepting me into the family, her mom explained to me; "We don't divorce our men, we bury them" Problem solved.

"The Only Easy Day was Yesterday" Tony Zimos, The Frog Lives
My mother was Sicilian. I should have taken that route.
I feel sorry for you people. Cathy and I were together for 39 years almost. Sure, there were some arguments and problems but, we always loved each other with more power than anything that could come between us. That was something worth having. If I could be sure that we would be together and conscious of each other, I would rather be with her than here with anybody else, or by myself either. Real love is something pretty great. And it's not something that can be taken for granted either.
My marriage conveniently ended when my ex-wife ran off with another guy. Convenient because it does end up saving me a lot of money and grief than if she had decided to stay... because I would have kept fighting to keep it float.

It may or may not feel great right now, but I promise you that if your ex is even half as nutty as mine, then eventually, you will realize that she is doing you a huge favor by leave you for another guy. And while I would pity the next guy, since they chose to be with her, it is now their problem, not mine.
I have to agree with DT. There are lots of happy couples out there. I've had more than my share of bad relationships but still believe in love. I'm a glass half full type. It's like saying that you'll never get another dog because it hurts so much to lose them. Think of all the joy that you would have missed. My pups give me all the companionship I need right now but I'll never say never.