Companionship, Attractiveness And Chemistry Make The Best Road Partners

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Jim D

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Aug 27, 2022
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Las Vegas
First of all, "I'm Not Gay Or Bisexual". I'm attracted to women. Men are my buddies and not my sexual attraction.

I've read alot of threads and posts in this section of the forum and I never received any thought of what I believe and am working towards in friends, family and partners.

I threw "Attractiveness" into the equation because attractiveness produces interest in an opposite sex partner. Pretty isn't attractiveness unless your a stud and pretty is your thing and that goes for men and women. I've seen great looking women attracted to dumpy looking men and vice versa. It's the overall ambiance of looks and personality that makes up attractiveness.

I'm 63 going on 84. My personality hasn't aged but my body is aging faster then I would like and the work I used to do with strength and vigor has faded. now. I'm just looking for "Chemistry" and "Companionship" now which makes the attractiveness. Looks factor in also but not that much now in the starting of my elderly years.

I started to get fat and heavy but learned how to drop the pounds so my knees could carry me on into old age. I dropped over 40 pounds and it took me a long time but I stuck with it and it worked. I'd like to drop more but I stopped for a while. I'm not afraid to talk about it because all you old goats and youth superstars are going to get old and have some serious aging problems like I'm having so why put on a face and lie about it.

Someone running after money or a safety net exclusively who had to be a vehicle dweller isn't going to get it with me. I will be someone's safety net if the companionship and chemistry is there and she can support herself adequately. I have to support myself and I expect my partner to support themselves also and with that said I will be their safety net if she gets stuck in a situation. I surely can't afford someone who will be financially dependent on me. I'm sure I never could find a woman to support me. I do alot of research and can be helpful to a woman who's out to earn an income for themselves and needs help with mechanical and electrical issues but I don't have the income to support her.

Well, I think everyone who reads my writing will get my drift. I support safety issues out on the road. I'm planning on staying in Nevada but if it gets to complicated I will deviate to another state with some help. My issue is "Chemistry" and "Companionship" with attractiveness involved. I want to join a road family or caravan that helps each other survive when events happen.

I Thank Everyone For Their Support :)