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If Reading Randomness goes viral then there won't be any gamblers to laugh at. There won't be any addicted gamblers. There might be suckers to play the slots but they will all have been shown the true chances of succeeding. Most of those that do win a few times end up giving it all back. There will still be dreamers trying to win the lottery. But the public conversation will change from the house always wins to you can beat the house any time you want, and this is how. The world will change. The casinos will close. You will be able to beat the floating Craps game any time you want to. The only thing left will be sports betting and poker.
well a van nomad or very small living arrangement on the road and like personalities as nomads tend to gather is not the same ever as 'an RV community on the road' in a way so they differ a ton. They won't be here. They are snowbirds and retirement travelers who have big cash but are smart about their money and want an on the road lifestyle with full compliments of being in tourist areas and more where most nomads truly are those 'thinking off that beaten path' and what we do desire ya know. There are tons of other forums to truly hit home with your message and thoughts out there, not saying ya gotta do them LOL but they are there.

You do sound like you got a great solid path thru your journey and that is super is fab to feel very secure in where you are at when we are a nomad type and that security is very reassuring to the ultimate. Glad you found you!!

Camm.....ciggies are gone from casinos now LOL you can't smoke in them unless a certain area but that might be an area too close to ya but it shows you ain't been in a casino in a long time HAHA

What I don't like is the old time slots all went into this weirdo azz digital freaky azz slot machine I have no clue on how to work HAHA

yea the dino I am but again, I have no real gambling interest, it is all I can do to keep my investment accts in order to make me money and me not lose any LOL
I'm not trying to recruit anyone to gambling. I'm just sharing something with a community I like before it blows up, the gambling. I would rather spend two or three hours at a Roulette table than serve hamburgers to impatient tourists at a national park. I don't fashion freezing my hands off processing beets in October and November. I remember not knowing how to gamble. It takes a while to become comfortable. That is why I wrote the teaching thread and supplied the software to practice on. I even suggest getting a real felt layout and real weighted chips so you can practice placing bets and filling in index cards.

It's very interesting, the idea to give this to the RV masses. Man! I hate all those kids running around and making noise in the membership parks in summer. And the loony bins that come to the parks and blow off fireworks in forested areas on the 4th of July. For me boondocking is going to be a new experience. I come from the ski mountaineering and mountain climbing side of life. There is a lifestyle that is mainly minimalism on steroids. If I'm comfortable climbing the giant walls of Yosemite and taking a dump in a baggie, packing it out, and taking only what you need to survive then putting a real bathroom in my van build is icing on the cake. I'm doing my thing and always have been. Those that called me crazy have nothing but turds in their bucket list. ..a little poetic license there.
yea you do you which is all one can ask of ourselves. enjoy your life as you need, never a darn thing wrong with that and RV is alot more retirees with cash to burn and adopt casinos as destinations than family kid rv life...which isn't all that big out there yet.

you ain't crazy but some will say it and I am told my azz is crazy sometimes but ain't that what life call kids running around in a campground bad but other's see it as a freedom from the norm crazy controlled life of school and more so??

just live and let live I guess in the end :) If we don't judge others too harsh on lifestyle then maybe if lucky we can get our lifestyles not judged too harshly by others, but damn, that ain't gonna go down, humans are crap on opinions of it all and will be the downfall of it all in truth as I see it LOL
I may have come across a few families living full time in their RV's and home schooling. But those kids knew camping etiquette. I'm talking about the wild ones set free during summer vacation.

Anyway, I've had my fill of membership parks.
I don't know who they are and it's only the traffic at the teaching thread that picked up in a huge way. It's because of readers here. It's blown up by more than 16 thousand views in 6 weeks.  What could be going on? Someone suggested that everyone likes too see a train wreck. It takes a while, like two months, to get fully trained if you work on it about two hours per day.
All but three California casinos are smokers. Vegas all smokers except theMGM Grand. Oklahoma, New Mexico, ~~~ The casino smoking exemption is a hot trend. Most allows smoking in the area. 

I’m surprised you didn’t know that.
Cammalu said:
I can’t speak for others at all about this but since you spent so much time and effort in it I think you deserve some feedback.
I may be one of the crash test dummies' poster children for spending time on a project and getting little in return for it. I invented a parallel numeric lineal pull parser for my own version of an XML structure. I decided that XML did not have to be "well formed." I went on to experiment in the field of research in the Human Markup Language effort. In fact I built the only working prototype. I invented MTML, Meaningful Text Markup Language. It's a hybrid convergence of HTML 3.0 and XML without the use of standard hierarchical based parsers in existence for structuring XML. In fact it allowed the user to place tags outside of other tag set partially. It breaks all the rules of SGML, the language that the internet and XML is based on.  I built two cross platform browsers to show its capabilities. 

Now if that did not make your eyes glaze over nothing will.  I built this in my garage as they say while teaching myself computer programming. I started that project before the dot com bubble went bust. I was going to change the world and become a dot com millionaire. HAHAHA! I stuck with it until 2008. I never made any money off my invention. 

I appreciate you taking the time to respond, thanks.
I do east coast reservation casinos around me, you can't light a ciggie anywhere in that joint LOL
but yea I haven't been to AC or out West gambling in ages, so stand corrected on it
This is sort of funny from the teaching thread's other forums:

@ Iffen:
a man payz attenshun to peoples likes TurboGenie and Gumbotron he cans shure learn hisself a great deal

@ gizmotron: "All you binomial distribution experts, law of third aficionados types, hot or cold number crunchers, and repeat junkies need to know one thing. With Reading Randomness you are expected to lose the average number of spins as suggested by the long term statistics for that game you are playing and still more than likely will end up blowing those same odds away in earnings in the long run. This is done by utilizing the very same tactic that card counters use when setting the value for their bets. You bet big when you are in a state of advantage. The Elegant Pattern is the very best example of an advantage condition, even though it is very rare. You chose when to bet big and when to bet small based on actual conditions and results.

“In the fields of observation chance favors only the prepared mind." ; Louis Pasteur

Start a real education. Learn a skill: "
It's about to happen. The teaching thread for Reading Randomness is about to go over 300,000 views today. (link just above) Amazing. I want to thank you secret readers from here for the big boost these past two months. I don't get anything for this. It's not like there are ad points or anything like that. But that thread is the largest viewed thread going there.
done.pngDone. This thread is toast. No point in beating a dead horse.


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I've been informed that this is the only thread that I am allowed to post information regarding gambling. So in that regard it will serve a perfect purpose for me. I'm going to publish my secret thesis from the gambling world in this obscure, dead thread. It will be titled 'Reading Randomness in 10 Seconds.' It will be an illustration and test to see if a person has the skills to beat a casino any time that they want to. It will be as if the reader is looking at the single declarative document the likes of Cristopher Columbus's request from the Queen of Spain for three small ships.

I know this sounds grandiose and unsubstantiated. But that is exactly why I wish to document it in its most basic argument. Only time will tell if the document is grandiose.

It will be deliberately published in this thread in order to hide it from the prying eyes of the general online discussion world public of gamblers in search of working techniques that beat casino table games. Once published it will go unread and hidden in this dead thread that holds zero interest by at least 99.999% of readers here.

I will be able to reference it to any Nomads I meet that wish to talk about it and then drop the subject as to not bore others not interested. It will be like my van build pictures. That is here in order to let people look inside and see how I did it. I just send them to the thread on the build. And I can move on.

So when you see it please just ignore it.

To the curious, only if you want to see a thread by someone that is spilling the beans of a likely working system to beat the casino with regards to age old argument going on regarding hot or hottest numbers occurring on a Roulette table.

Please read only for curiosity sake. This is as yet an untested and unproven system. But it is written by a fellow down in Australia that did not beat around the bush with hints and just comes right out and says it. That alone is a refreshing thing to happen on a gambling discussion forum.
Working on proof. Nobody wants words. They want proof. I found a place that records all spins and my results for bets. It's crystal clear what I do. You can see each bet for each session that I play. 

After getting in a fight with my old nemeses we stopped fighting. We actually agree on a lot. During that I came up with seeking just one net win and done. That's what I'm doing here under my same name gizmotron and the same avatar.

At least one person here is following this. That is documented. This going after just one net win is done with a 6 to 1 bankroll ratio. If I want to make $50 from one net win then I bring $300. In these regulated sessions that I play it always starts with $3,000. I use $500 as the amounts for each location bet. Sometimes it's the double dozens sometimes it's the red. odd, or black etc... I'm doing this in preparation for on-line gambling from a bitCoin casino. They have live, online, Roulette out of Canada.

Here is from 30 sessions played:


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Now there are two of us that support Reading Randomness actively and extremely defensively. We were friends 17 years back, had a falling out about 14 years ago. Now he's back, and after a small skirmish we support Reading Randomness. There are also several people that openly tried the skills out and displayed mathematically unheard of results. I'm convinced that it takes a lot of work to beat the casino. It takes practice and experience. Nothing like this would ever to be expected to be easy. All the basic to gain skills and experience are published there for free. Why free? Because it's hard. If it were easy everyone would be doing it by now. I published it because I want another chapter of my story. I don't know why I'm still alive. I had a heart attack back in 2009. I have v-fib based on a dysfunctional aortic valve.

The Reading Randomness thread is loaded with math based skepticism, trolls, rude people, and other distractions. Yet I managed to complete sharing it. I'm playing this now online. No overhead, no overnight parking at casinos, no one hour or $40 worth of documented play. It's in, and out, sometimes for only $15 a session. You don't have to be a math genius to figure out that if you win every session at $10 a session that you are going to get a little extra spending money.

I only posted this here because I was willing to take a person through it with baby steps to learn it without risking a single dime. Nobody would find these extra help steps from the gambling world here. Gamblers tend to act like they know everything. But Nomads tend to be honest about what they don't know. They also have the time to learn new skills, specially if they are free. The spirit around here is sharing. Just so you might know. I would never go out of my way to help any person on this planet that didn't already show a capacity to listen and learn first. At the gambling forum at least they show interest. Even if it is to go to war with me. I can't imagine what I would have done if this was offered to me while I just moved out into my car in winter in the pacific northwest. It would be no way for sure. I can handle standing here and watching people drown because it's too dangerous to jump in and drown myself too trying to save them. You have to know when not to help. That happens to be lesson number one in lifesaving swimming school for lifeguards. I think maybe gambling is just too swift of waters for most people. It's for people that are comfortable with risks and are not afraid. It's also for the very rich that are amused by throwing money away. It's also a nightmare for people with no knowledge that want a miracle to change their lives.

It's still here, for free, and I'm still willing to baby walk people that are 100% clueless how to start.
Here was posted at the teaching thread today. Others are starting to defend it, work on it, and have perfected it. Somebody from Australia guiding a new guy from Brazil or somewhere on the other side of the world.

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Please do not delete this thread... We need examples of this type of behavior, so people can learn from it.

If it is deleted, they are free to practice this elsewhere.

By leaving this thread and using it as an example, it can be a teaching tool.

( there is still a chance that this person is real about their intent, but it remains to be verified)

I tend to agree with this. Although I would think that anyone on here would by now have experience with someone who SEEMS to start out with honorable intentions and then starts to get more aggressive and insulting as times goes on; especially when people start questioning their intent and information. But if you're here, you're either already living on the road, or want to. You might as well get to know the folks that you start to avoid after about 10 minutes of conversation. This IS the reality.

I've called myself and those of us who live as nomads "fringe dwellers". We live on the edge of polite society, aka "normal people". Along with that comes the occasional Brazil Nut. Welcome aboard, Giz. You'll be good for the occasional "whoa, WTF????"
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