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^^^Davis Monthan Air Force Base, southeast of the center of Tucson. I10 sort of curves around it.
Some where I have one of those green traffic cones from the Mackinac Bridge!
Another windy day. The lions of March are still roaring.
Another windy day. The lions of March are still roaring.
I don’t want to hear about the lions of March... bad enough coming home to February type cold and snow... I end up with newer strain of covid. The one with the nasty runny poop! Haha. One neighbor was kind enough to make me soup. Wish it didn’t look so much like how it comes out! Haha! My neighbors really took care of me from chopping the ice needed to get me in my house to food and some Gatorade and anti diarrhea junk. Just gotta fix a broken water line and I can shower... sure glad I loaded up with firewood inside before I left. Nice and toasty while frigid outside. Son is tapping trees Sunday and Monday so I need to get better fast!
Ben, I am so sorry to hear you are sick. I hope you have a speedy recovery. No running indoor plumbing while sick with diarrhea is truly a desperate situation!

Did you take a test for Covid? There has recently been a nationwide resurgence of two other types of virus and both of them are intestinal viruses associated with bad diarrhea. It is even easier to get them than Covid as they can be passed by surface contact. For one of them, unlike Covid, the contagious period last several days after feeling recovered and alcohol hand sanitizer or alcohol based wipes does not kill it. It takes bleach water to decontaminate or detergents.
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My grandchild and son ended up on I.V.s for the few days it took to get over it.
Doing better... abdominal pain has backed off pretty good. I got my plumbing stuff in from the garage. I’ll have water when I muster some more energy. One thing to throw buckets of water to flush... but man... I need a shower!!! Haha!
Norovirus is quite likely to be what is causing some of the bad cases of diarrhea this winter. It is on the rise in the US, lots of it in California. Once you feel better you can get a Covid test and that will let you know if it was or was not Covid. Norovirus is what people call the “stomach flu” but it is not an influenza virus so the flu vaccines do not stop you from getting it. Truck stops are a likely place to catch it with a whole lot of travelers stopping there to use the restrooms. The bad thing about Norovirus is that people are still contagious several days after they feel well so they go out and about shopping, traveling, back to work, etc and keep on spreading it.
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The good thing here is I’m isolated. I’ll use precaution and stay here a minimum five days. I don’t care what virus I have... I would feel horrible should anyone catch it from me. I then plan to get a test to know like you suggested maki2. Doesn’t really matter at this point what I have. Just rest, drink fluids, and rest some more. Every time I get in my recliner Kira is right there to recline too. She wants to chase her squirrel friends, but she knows I think if she gets off the hard pack she’ll sink and be there til June. Haha!
Ben, there is one quick at home test .., did you lose your sense of smell? It is not a definitive test but it is a common symptom of Covid that is not common to the Norovirus.
Also a common symptom of colds and flu, and anything else that messes with the nasal passages, such as hay fever.

Side note regarding taste, if the sense of smell is diminished that affects taste negatively.

Immortalized by "hold your nose and take your medicine".
There's also some scary strains of drug-resistant shigellosis making the rounds (wash hands, wash hands, wash hands)

I think you're right, Ben, to isolate/rest/push fluids and worry about the exact diagnosis later (if at all).
But if it takes a turn for the worse, don't delay in getting help. Too many weird and scary germs floating around these days, and from the looks of it, still too many potential winter-related delays up in your neck o' the woods Don't be a samurai.

Gute Besserung!
or should I say Bli frisk snart?
Solid overcast near Yuma this morning and it looks the same for Quartzsite and Lake Havasu City for a 3 day period!

Today and tomorrow morning look just right for getting some chores done outside with little risk of sunburn. Not too hot and not too cold. I want to install a new tailgate component on my car, the original functions but got cracked. I also need to get out my sewing machine which means using it outside as I do not have space available inside right now. Sewing means running my generator because I will not have a lot of solar power input today. The generator is due to be run anyway to keep it in good condition.

Looks like someone pulled into my area last night. Might be running that the generator will bother them. Too bad for them but there are many open acres of easy access camping around they can move to.
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I was doing better yesterday. Today not so hot... I did a covid test. Did not show positive. My daughter is worried cause I have the same symptoms that killed her boyfriend. 😳 I don’t think it’s that bad. But I did get pretty weak again today. Got my water fixed in the night so I could shower. That felt like heaven for a little while. Kira won’t leave my side. She goes out, does her business and back in on guard duty! She checks everyone’s ID when they come. I have good neighbors. That’s why pirate camp feels like home!