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(This post was composed by VanDwellerMod on July 13, 2014. Updated by rvwandering on Dec 28, 2021)

Welcome to the Van Living Forums for the Nomadic Community. Below are some of our forum's highlights, features and functions. These tips and tricks provide enough introductory information so you can learn even more on your own.

Get Started
- First, click Register located in the top right corner of the forum banner so that you can post and gain full access to the forums.
- Check out our Rules: Vision, Spirit and Letter of the Law. Note that we don't allow political posts, spam, arguments, or copyright infringements.

- The term "vanliving" says more about how we live rather than our specific vehicle. Those who are currently living in a vehicle, full- or part-time, or those who want to are welcome to participate here.

- Before you begin posting, fill out your profile with as much information about yourself as you feel comfortable sharing. Especially useful information includes your general location and a brief description of yourself and your vandwelling vehicle (if you have one). To edit your profile, click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the forum banner, then click on Account details in the drop-down menu.

- Before you make your first topical post, introduce yourself in the Newcomer's Corner by starting a new thread next to your avatar at the top of the list of threads.

- When replying to a post that you are quoting, carefully trim the quote to the bare minimum. When viewing the forum on a phone, readers become frustrated with the need to scroll through the same post twice to get a new comment, especially if there are pictures!

- To begin a thread, find the forum that best fits your topic and post there. If you make a mistake, don't worry because the moderators can move it to the appropriate forum.

- Posts can be edited for 30 minutes after submitting. For the history behind this time limit, see this thread.
Details on how to post, reply, add an image and send a conversation (PM) here

- All members can start threads and make replies in all but a couple of forums. Only women may post to the Women's Only Forum (although all can view). And, the Dating Site for VanDwellers only allows members to start a thread with their dating resume. No reply posts are allowed in the Dating Forum.

- To view which threads contain new posts since your last visit, click on New Posts in the top left of the banner. This will bring up a listing of threads.

Common Acronyms
OP = Opening Post, Original Post, Original Poster
Mod = Moderator
VLF = Van Living Forum
CRVL = Cheap RV Living
RTR = Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, a gathering
BLM = Bureau of Land Management
NFS = National Forest Service
LEO = Law Enforcement Officer

Private Communication Among Members and with Staff
- Members may communicate directly with each other through the Forums' Conversation system, or by email.
- To send a message to a member, hover on their avatar and click on Start Conversation.
- To check your messages, click on the envelope icon to the right of your name in the header.

Not an option at this time- To send an email to a member, click on their User Name. This will bring up their Profile Page. Toward the lower left is the link to send an email, if the member allows. (Note: The actual email address remains hidden.)

- If you need help, you may contact a Moderator or Administrator.

- To privately report a post to the moderators for being SPAM or breaking a rule, click on the "Report" button just below the offending post.
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