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Learning one disaster at a time...
Dec 31, 2017
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Hi all.

As some of you know (but many do not), I've recently started a new chat room for those of us who like to chat and visit. This chat is not sponsored/condoned by this forum in any way (or any forum). A few of us were able to test things out on Friday, and it seemed to work ok.

If you joined under Tx's chat room, you will be required to reregister, unfortunately. You can still come in as a guest. If so, please go ahead and add a nickname. You can add a photo (you, your rig, or anything really) as your avatar. If you left click on your name, you will get a menu that allows you to change photo and change nickname. You can also go through some chat preferences and toggle certain things on/off (add timestamps, etc). If you check under the "speaker icon" on the bottom of the screen, you can also play a sound when a message is typed. "Play sound for:" change to "all public/direct messages" and adjust the volume slider underneath it. This allows you to easily tab out and still hear if someone posts a message. There are some "premium" features like changing your text font color that will go away in a few days

I plan to open the room up tomorrow afternoon at 3pm central time. I hope to see you there!

Here's the link, but remember, the doors are "locked" until tomorrow afternoon at 3pm, central time.
Looking forward to jumping in and stirring the pot a little bit!


Oh look, it's PURPLE! Now HOW did that happen?
Thanks to all that stopped by. We're going to try leaving the doors unlocked and see how that goes. No guarantee someone will be there, but if you feel like waiting, you may hear someone pop in (read first post about how to turn on sounds).
Missed it...this week is our local shindig and I was downtown eating good food and listening to music and hanging out with a few friends. Then it started raining so I rode home!
Hi all. If anyone is interested in another Sunday afternoon chat, please let me know below. I'm thinking 3pm to 6pm central time.
I was on the Forum yesterday, but missed your post about the chat. Weird, because I always click on New Posts.

My memory is awful. I'll try adding a reminder to my phone.

BTW, Sunday sounds good... if I remember=/

Edit: This is a new thread! I "follow" the old one. I'll start following this one:)