Cashless Society--- what will it mean for you?

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Remember that hyper-inflation we were supposed to have?
Optimistic Paranoid said:
...It DOES give you a good excuse to indulge in adult beverages . . .

I found this hilarious. That's how I drink lol, every time something stressful(ish) happens, I say, "I need a beer!" and then that usually turns into...well more than just one beer.

As far as cashless societies, whatever. The sooner the reset button is hit the sooner we can start to rebuild. Its my belief we are too far gone to recover in any meaningful sense. The Us and Them mentality has permeated everything. Common courtesy and respect for a fellow human being went zipping off somewhere and everyone feels that they are in the "moral" right so its a no holds barred sentiment.
There are still lots of places where there is no cell phone coverage. I got a SQUARE so I could accommodate the occasional person who wants to buy one of my CDs and lacks the cash. It worked when I had internet. Then I changed phones and it doesn't work with the new one anywhere.
The urban dwelling powers-that-be seem to think high speed internet is universally available.

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Power and control is their reasonings... and not necessarily just "worldly" goals... but some of that truly would look like conspiracy issues and nether world stuff :D

Some of what I've recently looked into, and touted by not-just-religious experts....   the end goal of the banks is to CHARGE US for them keeping track of OUR MONEY we are required to have in their banks!   Certainly you can believe that no matter what stance you take on how far we are in this endeavor?

 It seems to fit too, if you have been able to pay attention to it....  how clever of the banks....  reduce services in that many of the "local branches" have almost no one inside, fewer still have safe deposit boxes for rent or full service of notary, counter checks, cashier checks (they ask twice at my bank...what?)...   and in a cashless society where you have to have your money "some place" they get to charge you to manage it.

Investment companies already do this, so why not banks? Easy to understand and accept eh?

BTW I haven't had the opportunity to discuss this IRL with other "van dwellers" since I'm not yet a full timer.... perhaps these concerns are part and parcel as to why  people become van dwellers, rather than latching onto such a theory because of hanging around with other van dwellers?

I don't think I'll be around for much of this as it continues to develop.  This week I'll see if I can find someone who has written the progression up, the over the decades stuff that I've noticed and not written down?

Anyway...  as the good ole Boy Scout motto says... BE PREPARED.   I think that's good no matter where we are in life or in the world, eh?   I began the thread for those of us who think about such things and for those who haven't given this any thought at all and are just expecting it all to be "there" forever in the future.  Some people will be caught unaware... even as gas stations quit taking cash---right?  
Queen said:
Oh goodie, we're allowed to talk politics now!!   :mad:

Mine is set up for those who want to let their political freak flag fly(but you have to be nice) and I understand why they don't allow it here. 

I posted about this same topic there when I heard Sweden was headed that way.  I don't think it has anything to do with a NWO and such as much as it's a "convenient" way to monitor our spending and tailor more ads that way.  I'm completely against going cashless.  Even the property I'm buying is thankfully something I can stop by an office and drop off the cash payment and get a receipt.

Freedom isn't free but neither is privacy. The more you let go of it the more it costs you.
Yes, that is a solution, if there is one: buy tangibles beforehand.... things you would want to buy with cash later on... but if, when, and how much is simply up to each of us.

The idea of NWO has been in public for many decades, and recently a very prominent person declared that because of the current will of the people in US, exclaimed how the NWO was in real trouble and blocked, at a standstill (my interpretation.) It all officially began I guess with BENELUX accord/agreement? .... most certainly in "that" part of the world. But yes, it's taken many decades and they aren't "there" yet... I know I have time yet.
Too many points?Itical posts.
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DrJean said:
  the end goal of the banks is to CHARGE US for them keeping track of OUR MONEY we are required to have in their banks!   Certainly you can believe that no matter what stance you take on how far we are in this endeavor?

My bank charges me exactly $0 dollars a year for my account, for new checks when I need them, if I overdraft I get charged $0.  If I use another ATM they reimburse me the fee.  There is no minimum balance requirement, so they are also making $0 off my money as I only put in what i'm going to be using that week.  

I guess they are missing the memo of the impending cashless money making new world order.
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