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Sep 15, 2016
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Far Northern California
..some things have happened in my life I want to share with other women, probably some of the men eventually. I lost all hope in going on the road I guess it's been two summers ago. I was up our Smith River camped next to @abnorm and sweet P as don't want to screw up and use her name without knowing its ok.

I had some sort of issue where my whole, left side went numb. Never knew why, tests, and more tests no issues, or damage from a possible TIA etc. Well I found out on my own, that it was because my MD was tapering me off Benzodiazapines, and a bit too fast, way to fast on the studies I've discovered including Ashton Manual.

Long story shortened, I am now 5 months into a very slow-like-the-tortoise and amazing progress showing up already.

This post is to introduce myself back into the community as rumors (only) of lockdowns and mandatory vaccines, masks the whole bit. I am not going through that, and wonder sometimes if this is the encouragement I didn't have before 2 Summers ago. I mean, maybe I was supposed to wait. I am doing very well with the fire situation up here, but was concerned for the lady I didn't stay in contact with that was in Happy Camp, if anyone knows if she's ok? I can't think of her username.

I don't want to turn this into some sort of political debate, I just want to let folks know I will get in my pickup, as it is (lots of new stuff under the hood, new tires, new windshield Have been busy spending my money on keeping it fit for travel.

We just are on stand-by here in Crescent City regarding Smith River Complex fires. We got back electricity due to Pacific Power generators they hauled into town.

My biggest issue is the government lockdowns etc, and I will not take the jabs that they may start demanding. If there's anyone home-based in California, would love your opinions as I know mine are sometimes (a lot of the time) over the top worry, and I know I can't believe everything I hear. But somehow, I want to be as free as possible, and as long as I have my SS I will have income. No new vehicle, and not asking anyone to help me build my truck bed, at all. I'll handle it the way it is.

Sorry to type so much, but any replies I will keep small, I planned to go out again before I heard the Covid crap, but now it's sort of speeding up my plans, sincerely, and hope you are all doing well these days, I'll be around. I also belong to benzobuddies, they are in similar boat as I am with the Clonazepam and it's been so helpful. One thing that did hold me back was worrying about refilling my script, I pray to God I won't need it much longer ;)
It's probably still too early to speculate on what's going to happen with the new Covid variants -- either how serious they will be or what, if anything we'll be asked to do in response -- but there are starting to be recommendations that people with risk factors start thinking about taking precautions again, especially if the numbers are getting worse where you are.

The CDC Covid tracker is here. (You can see what's going on nationally and in your local area.)
The major risk factors are discussed here.

If you do get Covid and become very ill from it (more likely if you are unvaccinated and/or have the risk factors), it's important to get treated quickly as delay can really worsen your chances. So it's a good idea, especially if you do not plan to get the next vaccine, to inform yourself about the best treatments, and maybe even have a conversation with your doctor, in advance. (If you don't have a doctor, this would be a good time to get one. You cannot count on getting first-rate care at the last minute from someone you don't know, and time is apparently of the essence in these treatments for serious Covid cases.)

I don't know enough about these treatments to recommend specific resources -- and I don't want to just slap something ill-considered down and become part of the rumor mill. But I do recommend that you look into it to your satisfaction, preferably with the help of your doctor.

If you are concerned that there may be government mandates that you will choose not to comply with, then all I can suggest is make a plan for how you will deal with that, and then stop worrying about it for now and cross that bridge if/when you come from it.

And be careful where you get your news. There are plenty of "news" sources out there whose entire business plan is to freak you out and get you to click on stuff. If you're not sure what to trust, try going over it with your local librarian. That's one of the things they're there for.
We have been having Covid variants almost from the beginning of this, with the surge in cases and recommendations for precautions particularly for high risk individuals, without any lockdowns.

I have seen nothing on the primary news networks about this, and quite honestly would follow your local and state updates and pay no attention to the fear mongers.

That said, I have had both vaccines, four boosters and a mild case of Covid earlier this year.
I locked this thread because it touches on politics and coronavirus which can cause contention.

Welcome back GOldengirl! Hope to hear more about your plans!
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