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It’s hard for someone from the coal fields of Kentucky to watch resources miss used over and over by big money corporations while our environment quickly starts to kill us off with our own pollutants or as in the Southwest badly needed water is used for meat production and shipped overseas. Mother Nature is upset as we should be.
She requests that people "tell the president to end commercial logging in our national forests"
Carole King: Logging is contributing to carbon emissions 5:11
If you look it up you will find out that concrete construction is an even bigger pollutant. Of course so is steel and aluminum and brick making, plastics and such. We humans need housing and wood is a renewable resource. The others are not and typically involve open pit mining which creates more environmental damage than harvesting in a renewable, managed forest.
I still want there to be wild untouched forests for the next and future generations'.... That said I want good clean logging to happen in lands that are already part of the wood producing industry. I prefer wooden toys and I like using renewable resources to build with.

I want to find a way to do both protect what is left of the old growth wild and open spaces and keep the lumber industry going. We could do so much more of both.

When will we start doing more with bamboo? It is a fast growing renewable product that could do so much more then it is right now. I love Bamboo yarn too it is great for knitting and crocheting bit spendy still though.

I heard on the news tonight that there is a new air filter being produced from corn crop waste. When are we going to start using more of the so called waste we seem to have soooooo much of?
I built a bamboo cabana years ago that has withstood several years of southern Utah weather. I used it to hold a high quality tarp wall in place and support the roof. I’ve gone through several roofs and tarps but I still am using the original untreated wild bamboo from when I first made it.
There are ever evolving theories on forest management. The wildfires in recent years have brought about changes in thinking in this subject. For a number of years it was thought that acdense forest was a naturally healthy forest and that wildfires should be prevented. But all such thinking has now been discarded. A thick forest is not natural . This situation ends up destroying all the trees, not just the underbrush and overpopulation of younger trees. The natural state is for wildfires to thin the forest by removing underbrush, removing those way too many young trees etc. Because the fires are not as intense in the true natural forest pre humans unnatural interference of the forest fire prevention era the older trees did survive the fires. The fire comes through mostly consuming the undergrowth shuns and grasses.it can also help with seed germination.

But for more than century now the wildfire management schemes have created unhealthy forest that are overcrowded which promotes not just more tree loss from fires but also health damage issues by overcrowding increasing insect populations and tree diseases which too can “spread like wildfire”destroying forest.

So as there are ever increasing ipopulated areas and rampant wildfires are big issues then selective thinning of trees by controlled logging is not a horrible thing but instead an essential step to protect the health of trees as well as human lives and their property. This is not unhealthy clear cutting. Every tree is surveyed for health and the safety of removal. The sale of the Timber funds goes back into the park system. A blanket policy of no timbering in National Forest will do more harm than good. Not selling the trees means it will cost more as the thinning will have to be paid for with tax dollars instead of the sale of the removal of the overgrowth of timber being used to help keep the forest protected for the nation. We can not eliminate lighting caused forest fires, we can not always let them burn themselves out so thinning is the practical solution.

As I have spent the last three summers on National Foredt lands I took the time to learn what the current forestry management is thinking and why they are doing it. In Northern Arizona and elsewhere wildfire issues cause not just a loss of trees but the loss of all the trees on a slope from the fires are also destroying the natural watershed. Keeping a forest healthy is Alison critical to reducing CO2 emissions but it is not just about carbon.

For your enjoyment an original song about trees written in the 1970s by my son’s father when we lived in Alaska. Recording taken from the album made by the band he was in at the time. We are a tree loving family.
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Cloudy today but pleasant temperatures and no rain. No strong winds coming today so it looks to be a good day for outdoor projects and I have plenty of those that need doing. What I am lacking is the “get er done” enthusiastic energy. On which note I will go make coffee, have an energy fueling breakfast burrito and take my arthritis meds and vitamin and minerals in the hopes of being able to fire up at least a modest amount of that increasingly elusive state of mind for doing actual work.
Today turned out to be wait a couple of hours and the wind prediction changes situation. Now there are strong gust of up to 30mph by mid afternoon. Oh well I have plenty of indoors stuff to get done. It is mostly cloudy but there is still some solar power coming in so I will keep busy working on cutting at least some cardstock village kits today. Feeling glad I stayed in camp yesterday and the day before and washed off close to 30 cutting mats to get them ready for reuse.

With my migration time to the north coming up I need inventory backstop so I can ship quickly instead of having to unpack and set up my tools to make more kits.

I was thinking of heading to Pahrump NV in a few weeks to hang with friends and possibly help with the HOWA spring Van build event. But today I found out from a posting on the HOWA Facebook page that event may or may not happen. Their liability insurance provider quit service in the state of Nevada. So they are trying to find new affordable coverage for an event that is only about a month away. Rotten luck to have that happen to them.
Warm afternoon and my vision started getting a bit blurry. Took me a little to realize that was just one of my early signs of dehydration. The size and shape of our fluid filled eyes react to a small change which can vary our focal points changing our normal vision to being double or blurry. So just be aware that sometimes the change in vision it is not from “tired eyes”, it is instead from dehydration.
You don't actually need to be there you just park nearby and watch the whole show and avoid the crowds that's what I did in San Diego
Find a hill nearby park up there and just you'll find it other people will probably join you nearby but you don't have to interact with them
Mike, I'm not sure what post you're quoting. But one word out of thousands from maki2 doesn't give much context to your reply.

Super confusing.
Anywhere in the vicinity of the air shows with a good view gets crowded. Plus these are desert areas, not hilly locations. The hills are miles away.

I have been to lots of airshows over the years, my Dad used to take us kids to some of them in San Antonio, Texas. As I became a professional aircraft fabricator in my 20s I have been to lots of airshows since then including some in British Columbia, Canada. . But my favorite will always be the big EAA Fly In Show in the summer months in Arlington, WA. We flew our little Cessna 150 into the show a few times in the Mid 1980s. Other times I drove there with a friend whose cousin was a vendor there as a Husky Airplane dealer, his home base was in Idaho Falls. Always lots of old restored War Birds at that EAA event that participated in the aerial display part of the show.

So for a number of years airplanes were a daily part of my life but not so much now. But unlike some people I do not mind camping near small airports. But I am still penpals with my Cessna 150 partner. He lives on the island of Malta. At 90 he is no longer flying but participates as a volunteer at their air museum giving restoration advice as well as doing inspections.
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There is an air show in Grand Junction yearly I believe. We happened to have a top floor hotel room with a balcony a block or two from the airport runway. It was an amazing place to watch the show and totally by chance we were there at that time. Guess we are lucky as one spring break years ago we took our VW bus to visit relatives in Melbourne Florida and got stuck in traffic on the raised bridge directly opposite a shuttle launch! Best place around as we were blocked by TV station trucks.
Working on packing up to move north. At least I now have a lot more energy having been more careful about hydration yesterday and today. It brought an amazing difference in my energy level and also a swing back into a positive mood lift as well.

Today I unexpectedly got gifted a slice of homemade raspberry pie. Some Canadian acquaintances of a friend I am camped near dropped the pie off to him as a farewell gift. The Canadians are starting the long drive back to Alberta.