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Aug 30, 2018
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Klamath River Valley
Chat about anything - so long as the moderators/admin haven't already ruled it off topic, like politics. [Check with the forum rules when in doubt about what can be posted here.]

The intention here is to stay in touch with other vandwellers in a friendly manner. I'm not asking for debate issues.
Wow, a new anytime chat thread. I'm gonna wait until midnight to post here.
Gosh, this thread is sure lonely. (oops I was supposed to wait until midnight to post). Is that snow by the side of the road, or just over-exposure?
I checked back this morning for your midnight post but realized you were a no-show, but okay, morning posts are okay too.

That photo was overexposed I guess you could say. It is a very old photo I took with a cheap camera about 15 years ago. The river is the Klamath.

Today I went outside and watered the compost pile and some plants and washed my hammock with vinegar and organic soap and hosed that off. Strangely, my cats never try to get on the hammock. I guess they've learned from prior bad hammock experiences. The hammock was left here by the previous residents. The two outdoor cats were left by them too, with my permission.

I bought a nice gliding bench for the yard and they liked getting on that so after cleaning it a few times (it was muddy) I put some big boxes on it. The glider is now a cat no-go zone. I'm kind of picky that way. They have a half-acre of other places to hang out and I don't want them to sharpen their claws on the glider as the surface is a kind of mesh.

I have the most beautiful ocean of dandelions blooming in my yard now. Am I eccentric for not wanting to mow them down when they look so pretty?
Hi Travelaround...and everyone....I love your new property !!! (watched the vid)
I'm still obsessed with looking at vans ...but mostly Rv's now.....and land.....I'm still exhausted...and don't know what's wrong with me....sleep doesn't help....i have an appointment at the Mayo Clinc end of July......

I went to this place today to see how much i could get for my beautiful gold 22k jewelry....they offered only $3500...i need more than that t buy this Class C i just found this morning.....

Anyways....just wanted to let you guys know i am still trying to figure this out.....
Right now i have a 2001 Toyota Sequoia with 362,00+ miles.....runs very good....lots of rust though.....i can picture myself just throwing a futon in the back and getting a tent....then i think about how good i really have it living in a nice house with a toilet & shower & air conditioning.......going crazy with this decision.....
Gypsy108 said:
.......going crazy with this decision.....
Suggestion, go reread your bio (umm dream), :). And always ... one step at time to ease the transition.
@Gypsy - hope you are feeling more energetic soon and the doctors can figure this out for you. I've been taking hypothyroid medication for years - but recently was told I needed to increase the dosage. I was amazed at the great difference it made when I did... suddenly I had energy again, to get things done. And there are plenty of things to do here.

So sad that you think you must sell your jewelry for a van or RV... I think your Sequoia is a nice sized SUV for preliminary trips. I really wanted to live the 100% nomadic life but now that I have a place to spread out in I can see how it really isn't suitable for me. I didn't like the uncertainty of not knowing where I would be at night, and never felt at rest enough to do any art projects. So I'd say, take it slow and don't jump into vanlife like I did. On the other hand, I just wanted to go home again, and here I am. Plus I can still go travel if my kids will agree to come over here to feed the cats.
@QXXX - thanks for the adorable cat videos. I watched them all. Those cats in the last one - some were really weird. I not only have my two cats here, but two ginger cats from next door are often here trying to get at the food bowl. One of them wants to fight with my male cat. Then there's a black waif of a cat who comes by at times. I think he or she might be feral.
@Travelaround....nothing showed up in blood tests as far as hypothyroid issues (about 6 months ago)...
@QXXX... yes....i am a dreamer....and unpredictable....haha
Gypsy108 said:
@Travelaround....nothing showed up in blood tests as far as  hypothyroid issues (about 6 months ago)...
@QXXX...  yes....i am a dreamer....and unpredictable....haha
I remember you talking about health issues months ago. The internal chemistry of the body is possibly the most complex thing in creation. A bazillion cells, chemicals and regulatory loops. It used to be thought that DNA only functioned in reproduction and development, but now it's known that the DNA in every cell in the body is constantly at work, and some genes control the actions of thousands of others. It's totally mind boggling.

Sounds like what you may need is "House, MD", not a regular internist. Hopefully Mayo Clinic will have someone with a really broad reach. Good luck.
As I will only be using a cooler, if I stocked it with a majority of frozen meats and some ice (dry?) would that be  better cooling than ice alone?

Not sure what I would need much cooling for other than yogurt and to have cool water. Maybe wrapping the meat also in foil would keep them frozen longer and the cooler colder for longer?
I didn't have a good experience with my cooler. The ice melted too quickly, and was a constant expense and for a while, it was a mess and I worried about it ruining my floor ... but I eventually got in the habit of draining water every morning before leaving a space. That was on my first trip out. For the second trip, I had no cooling until I bought my little refrigeration unit. I don't know much about meat in coolers, sorry. I was mainly just cooling water bottles and ... can't even remember what else. Now I use the cooler as a bench for my art table and the little van-sized refrigerator is in my kitchen. I gave the big refrigerator that was in this place when I bought it to my daughter.
Oh... I bought one of those heavy duty coolers at Walmart - can't remember the brand. I learned I bought one too big for my needs... it cost more to fill with ice and took up too much space in the van.
Finally got the wires connected at the brake drums on my trailer. Will test the brakes tomorrow to see if they engage when 12v power is hooked to them. It was a nice day for lying down on the job without getting soaked with rain.

Then got invited out for a couple of slices of pizza! I bought dinner for both of us as tomorrow I would appreciate his help for an hour. Paying it forward :)
desert_sailing said:
As I will only be using a cooler, if I stocked it with a majority of frozen meats and some ice (dry?) would that be  better cooling than ice alone?

Not sure what I would need much cooling for other than yogurt and to have cool water. Maybe wrapping the meat also in foil would keep them frozen longer and the cooler colder for longer?
The first thing to figure out is if dry ice will actually work for camping. Here is an article to read that will help you decide if it is a viable option. using dry ice in a cooler Looking at the information in the article it does not look like it will be since you are not supposed to keep dry ice inside your camper as it turns into a gas as it evaporates. I have never used it for a cooler so I am no expert on the subject.
People using hard sided coolers might think about buying a larger "soft" sided cooler to stuff the hard one into. Should lenghten the ice melting time.
Gypsy, I went through all that. Turned out to be autoimmune conditions. Several. They are notoriously hard to diagnose. Rest, low stress and a healthy diet work the best unless it gets bad then you’ll need more serious meds. Also most doctors don’t know how to diagnose thyroid disorders so it may be that. They look at TSH period.
I’m a trained diamond grader though I only used it in my Etsy jewelry business so I know a lot about jewelry
Jewelry has little resale value EXCEPT online. I highly suggest Ruby Lane or Etsy even eBay in a pinch. It takes much longer to move but you get way more for it. If there are diamonds or more valuable stones (rubies, sapphires, emeralds) get it appraised. If not search online to see how much similar pieces are selling for. The higher the gold content the more it’s worth. 24 kt is pure gold so your 22 kt has value. Good luck, be well.