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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others. mom made me eat my veggies but I've never been able to grow a full beard like that.
Naturelover of course you can afford to fix up your van. All you have to do is get holiday season gigs playing Ssnta Claus. A trip to a beauty shop for a bit of whitening and beard trimming and a visit to a costume shop and you will be in rolling in dough. Just make sure it is not Christmas cookie dough as that is not the type accepted as legal tender

But remember you can’t tell those naughty jokes and stories to the children.

Locally… it was such a nice day here but tonight the wind is kicking back up. Oh well, been through lots of wind in Arizona these past few winters. These wind storms are the days I miss being in a nice solid built house with room to walk around.
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Maki 2 - As to the Santa Claus idea believe me over the years there are hundreds who have suggested such. Believe it or not my best friend is a dwarf, also a member of our church so he has a very long beard and it’s been suggested that he’d be my elf, and we go down to a large metropolitan area and raking in the dough.

when I had young children, I was very cautious about the Santa Claus thing because I think it confuses children to tell him about the good man who comes on December 25 and give some gifts but they never see him. Then when they get a little older we tell them all we were just pulling your leg. Course we also tell them about Jesus who came on December 25 and has a good man and gives us the great gifts. And then as they get a little older they stop believing there too.

But that’s the children got a little older actually they’re adults now I’ve loosened up on it a bit mellowed. Now I like to tease children if they come up and say I look like Santa Claus. I always say I’m sorry I’m not Santa Claus. He’s my big brother. I’m his little brother called Sammy claws. I expand on that theme with them and leave them. Scratching your heads when I’m done.

A lot of people have a great disdain for fat people and try to keep us at a distance and are even prejudiced against us. They haven’t put us in the do not shame, politically correct, “woke“ community yet. Therefore, I love fat jokes and making people feel uncomfortable around me because I don’t mind being called fat. The truth is the truth

but now, at my age, without my children around, there are benefits to being called Santa Claus. I can even get some women to sit on my lap.
My cousin does pretty well as a Santa (google northland Santa). He gets booked all over... my favorite thing was he made an appearance at our Fire Dept steak feed. A few days later a lady across the lake inquired wondering who that Santa was... I played kinda dumb but asked her if there was a problem. Now there’s a guy (in his 50’s) that’s been known to be a little on the trouble side. Santa was going around handing out little candy canes. (this is Connie telling the story). She says... he got in front of Tim C..... puts his candy cane down and wearing his all white Santa gloves makes a fist, smashes the candy cane... then points at Tim and says...”you’ve been bad”. Then in a sort of passionate voice she says...”how’d he know”! I still laugh about that...
Children fit on a jolly fat man’s lap but a grown woman?

And “they” say children have fantastic imaginations and you lose it when you get older. They forget to mention sexual fantasies are not included in that supposition. Whoever “they” are they are already living in a fantasy world. 🙄
Which is certainly a nice place to live in.
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Hello friends, nomads, and lurkers. I was 28° when I woke up this morning in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. there is ice on the farm pond but I’m not going skating yet. Got two more therapy appointments and I’m still hoping (wishing) to leave for Florida in the first week of December. Only God knows how or if it will happen.

God bless the nomads, no matter where they roam. And please keep us warm.
Happy Thanksgiving to all the nomads and want to be nomads And wish they were nomads. As Thanksgiving comes, I am thankful that I escape from the nursing home and I’ve been living in the van full-time for the last three years unless you count in those three years the 200 days I spent in hospitals.🏥🏩🩼🦽

God bless the nomads as we nomads bless Him!
Gobble Gobble. I know nature lover can translate all kinds of bird talk 🦃
No no no! It can’t be December already. Or should I have said ho ho ho? hello nomads friends and enemas.. Just to get a little traffic started here respond with the most valuable thing you carry with you (in way of equipment) in your rig. Other than my backside :) yes we are the most valuable piece of equipment we carry but in addition to that.????

i’ve got a doctors appointment at 3 o’clock this afternoon and A garage appointment on the sixth. Last two things in the calendar I have to check off before I head south. And both of these visits will have a bearing on whether I can go or not. If I can’t go, I’m gonna freeze to death up here In PA.
Most expensive item right now would be either my laptop or my Bluetti. I'm in an older Class A so I have a bunch more stuff with me.
Shadow - I appreciate your answer. I should’ve worded it differently. I was looking for something other than valuable in a money sense. I was looking for what is the thing you use the most or the thing you could not do without. I’m thinking potty chair :)
I’m guessing for many it’s our phones...
For me I think my tea kettle... two actually... one (bigger one) for wash type water. Smaller one for coffee/ hot chocolate. Then my fry pan!
My bed 🛌

A good day all starts off with having had a good night of sleep. I have a soft pile of fleece and down blankets to snuggle under and a nice pillow under my head. That is luxury living 😴
..... I was looking for something other than valuable in a money sense. I was looking for what is the thing you use the most or the thing you could not do without.....
Bed is #2 on my list.
First is having a safe place to sleep in said bed.
I can agree with you Who say a good place to sleep is great and important. My latest rig (for the last three years) has no bed but I am sleeping in a recliner. On my budget I can only afford used ones so I got rid of two already just bought the third one this week now it’s an all leather La-Z-Boy in great shape. They were asking 200 I got them down to 150.. It has added to my ability to sleep well. But I still think I’d rather go without the chair than my potty. Seems like I have to go number one an awful lot and number two just doesn’t get scheduled for some reason so I could hit me anytime day or night. So my reclining chair and my potty chair are two of my necessities.

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