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Hello, Maryland, I just finished reading several posts and at least have a feeling for your situation. There is no doubt that you are well informed, and capable of research for solutions. There are some very sharp and capable folks that have
reached out to you trying to help. If their info is not 100% accurate, or is something you have researched, it doesn't help
to bite back. Are you in a van or RV? I am in Arizona....I don't know if this state would work better for you.

That being said, it seems like your help through Medicaid and Social Security Disibilty are your main avenues for help.
And that can be a real battle for a private citizen. The only thought I came up with that might be helpful is legal aid.
I Googled "free legal aid in Maryland" and there seem to be a number of resources you can reach out to.

I hope you see this, and take the time to reply. There are a bunch of ppl that care about you. Dan
You aren't upsetting anyone AFAIK. People, myself included, are explaining that it is not feasible to live in a Pod with your kids. Doesn't mean anyone is upset.

We want to help.
Hey Carla, I just read about our Maryland friend. Wow, what a situation. I like your reply, and others, who truly
care. Thanks. What is her living situation?
Ssdi/ ssi an medicare and medicaid are sll diff things here. They were talking about Medicare covering me I'm not that old lol. Thise 4 things are all handed by diff ppl. My medicaid really only benefits my 2 kiddos. That was the point in my getting it. It's a fam plan. That's the basics of what I said lol. 😊 my eyes are bad so laden typos and talk text usually piy what they want lol
After you get SSDI you can get Medicare & they fast track Blindness & ALS.