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ok I posted I don't let the pot farmers stop me and for the most part agree with Bob that the danger is over exaggerated. although I have seen on more than a couple occasions large scale bust while boondocking. however there was a discussion about all this pot grower stuff being urban legend, or maybe rural legend. well this is something to be aware of . don't want to cause trouble but here is some proof of them being a problem. please be aware and alert. highdesertranger
GotSmart said:
I would love to be able to boondock in the coastal redwood forrest.  Ever been to Albion?

Albion is awesome!  I've got some friends there.  I had a kayak trip planed last year for the Albion River, but it fell through.  Still on my bucket list, though.  :)
steveh2112 said:
is it really that serious? if i'm not there to steel their weed, why would they care? and what's a 'LEO'?

   Having lived in the Emerald Triangle I'll state that you should take the man's warning quite seriously.
  It's not the peaceful older hippie , the Vietnam War vets etc that you'll have to worry about , they all grow on their own land for the most part , what with the new rules.
   The *massive* trespass grows on public land that are run and maintained by cartels form south of the border along various gangs ( 18th St. , MS-13 , Los Muertes etc.etc.) are and entirely different can of worms. They are heavily armed , quite used to violence  and they really don't care if you're their to steal their weed or not , just the simple act of *seeing* a 20k plant or larger grow can get you turned into fertiliser.
  The geographical area is much larger than just the Triangle , from now until mid november one is well advised to pay close attention in the backcountry , *especially* the Yolla Bolla and the Middle Eel regions and along the valley of the Klamath in Siskiyou county.
   OH ....LEO= law enforcement officer.......
Evening, Bob!

I can't speak for the NC NF, but in this neck of the woods (laced with gold mines, pot growers, and moonshiners), the 'evidence' is buried - literally.

To quote Forrest Gump: 'That's all I have to say about that'!


wow B&J, gold miners up there bury nosy people. down here they only talk about it and then it's only eco-Nazis, not regular people. no one actually gets killed because of gold. at least as far as I know. highdesertranger
Evening, HDR!

I don't believe it's gold that gets people into trouble up here - there's too much of it to worry about. STRANGERS coming in to town with 'attitude' and (what is perceived as) ill intent are most at risk... or so I've been told. ;)


highdesertranger said:
wow B&J,  gold miners up there bury nosy people.  down here they only talk about it and then it's only eco-Nazis,  not regular people.  no one actually gets killed because of gold.  at least as far as I know.  highdesertranger

The country is littered with bodies of people who have simply disappeared.  Gold, Drugs, Moonshine, Gambling, there's lots of reasons, including just irritating the wrong person.

Other than perhaps a missing persons report, they're not considered a crime until or if some evidence is found.  These types of people make sure there is no evidence to be found.

I tend to be very careful when in the boonies by myself, just to be on the safe side.
Just joined your forum as I was looking for boondocking locations in the Sierras. I thought I'd chime in on your discussion. I am a gold miner who has a claim tucked way back in a remote canyon. As far as Pot growers are concerned, you will NOT find them on the main road. Especially near a river or an easily accessible creek. They typically are looking for hillside springs or locations in deep canyons where a casual person WON'T find them. They don't want to be where they will easily be bothered. So if you are boondocking on the side of a road, or down a tributary road, I wouldn't be too concerned. And if they do happen upon your vehicle, most likely someone will knock on your door and suggest you go somewhere else, "for your own good". They really don't want to attract any attention.

As far as miners are concerned, they own mining claims, which means they have the mineral rights to the property that they have under claim. They cannot prevent you from entering their claim. And if you happen upon some miners and they are working their claim, (and you want to pan on their claim), heck, I'd approach them and ask them if you can pan there. If someone asked me, my response would be "if you find anything that isn't "chunky", keep it- if you find some chuncks, then bring them by and we can talk. By the way, I am familiar with the Blue Mule- as it is upstream from my claim.

A nice location to boondock for a few days is Tyler Foote Crossing Rd off highway 49 where it crosses the middle fork of the yuba. Very beautiful location, and I think you are able to mine the creek a little ways upstream from the bridge. A good friend of mine, found quite a bit of gold a few years ago in the gravel on the side of the creek there. I wouldn't recommend towing any sort of trailer or long wheelbase vehicle in there as the road is dirt, rocky, one lane wide, VERY windy and on the side of a 1000' cliff (with no guard rail). If you come upon someone driving the other direction, SOMEONE needs to back up to find a "wide" space to pass (the word "wide" isn't the kind of "wide" most people would even consider as the person finding the "wide" space will most likely be parked at a 45% angle on the side of the hill). Spectacular country, but I'd only consider taking a cabover or smaller in there with very high clearance. No two wheel drive with low clearance or you will be very unhappy what happpens to your vehicle (and the cost to tow out of there is very expensive). Personally, I think that road is one of the most amazing roads in the foothills- as you can point between your toes and see the river 1000 feet below. If you come upon mining claim signs, I'd recommend talking to the miners before you mine on their claim as they get testy when people are stealing gold from them.
welcome Minerrick, always nice to have fellow prospectors to swap tales with. there are a few of us on here. highdesertranger
Hey High Desert ! Where are you out of? I am in Truckee. I am looking to go over to Carson Pass soon, and looking for some good boondocking locations.... any suggestions?
unfortunately I am in So Cal. 20 years age I could have hooked you up with some great places on private popery around Markleeville. but alas that connection is gone. there used to be plenty of places to boondock up around the summit, but I haven't been in the area in years so I have no current info. if you go report back on what you find, no specifics needed. are you going prospecting on the west side? highdesertranger
Get a MVUM from the national forest you are wanting to camp in-every Ranger off ice has them. Many of them show where you can disperse camp, and if they don't show it you can diseperse camp on any legal Forest road.

Do a Google search on "Tahoe National Forest MVUM" (or whatever forest it is) and download it as a pdf.

Or get a DeLorme or Benchmark Atlas of your state and they list most of the bigger Forest Roads. Camp anywhere on them.
Bob- nice site you got here, I may stick around. Thanks for the heads up, now I am trying to decipher the maps. I went on google earth and marked out some potential spots and may go do a reconnaissance tomorrow to see if anything works for our trip next week. We are used to staying at campgrounds, but now I am ready for the much cheaper (and nicer) option