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Jun 19, 2021
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I wanted to share a boondocking resource - National Forest Service has an "Interactive Visitor Map". It includes all MVUM roads in the National Forest Service system across the USA. Yes, the entire country.

The hidden gem is a rating for the ROADS on NFS land. Zoom into a spot, double click, and click on the "Road" link. They report if it's paved, ok for passenger cars, rough requiring 4WD, or totally not maintained. It's excellent info to see whether your rig will have an easy drive, or not.

NFS IVM link
From the site, you can download an app for your tablet or phone.

The site and app are loaded with features, so take a little time to explore. It's maintained by NFS Rangers who knows the land, so the quality of info is very high. (I really like iOverlander and, but their volunteer reviews are not always accurate...)

I hope that helps someone looking for a spot!

p.s. I learned about this site by visiting the Salida Ranger District office in Colorado. Shout outs go to Wendy and Jen for the education! Visit YOUR local NFS Ranger Office to get more tips and tricks.
I've used this site for a few year now. I plan trips and download most files so i have back up copies on my device because your phone service may not be available in some remote locations