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A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush? But in this case it sounds like you only have half a bird in your hand if you accept. The decision about partial payment is also equal to the difficulty to even find a buyer for an older van which in your case might be a high mileage situation. Your money, your decision.

Glad to see you are trying to get a heavy duty scooter!
Sounds like a really neat scooter. There are some 3 and 4 wheel recumbent cycles that are rated for 350 lbs and extra battery can double your distance that might be worth looking at. You reminded me of a man in our small town that was confined to a hospital bed like the ones they wheel you into surgery on that hired the fellows on our high school team to wheel him a half mile or so through our small town to a local park on weekends to feed the squirrels! It was quite a sight on windy days with the sheets blowing but he was always smiling!
I hope the scooter materializes… it would be fun to see one built out for the nomadic lifestyle…
I’m sure winter will be a bit more confining… just keep moving forward. If a scooter becomes available like the one you describe it would be fun to see… lift kit, knobby tires, souped up motor…
Hang in there… very happy your being taken care of.
Welcome to the broken record…broken record..broken record…broken record.(Some of you younger ones who have never seen a record player won’t get that) so here’s a repeat of my complaint.

I’m in the apartment trying to learn to like it because I have to do it. But frankly I’m hating it. I haven’t been birdwatching since December. I missed all the butterflies this year. I saw a few cabbage butterflies but that’s it. understand that that is totally opposite of my life. I’ve spent the last 50 years out and about in nature.

Now I’m done complaining

. I’m trying to raise enough money to get an electric scooter. A lot of handicap people use them but this one is heavy duty, higher ground clearance springs on all four corners and 13 inch tires. It has a range of 29 miles per charge. (Will probably be a little less carrying my weight) The point is, it’s made for outside, not inside. there is a 20 acre park near enough to get there on a scooter but not the wheelchair. Got my fingers crossed. Actually, I’m praying rather than crossing my fingers. It works better.

Depression is the enemy. My van leaves tomorrow at 5 o’clock. Never to be seen by my eyes again. It’s hard to face. Even harder the guy just asked me if he can pay part of it next month. I know that is usually not a good idea, but I have known him for at least 20 years. And I feel obligated to let him do that, because so many people have been good to me over the years when I had my hat in my hand.

if I had enough money, I’d keep the van and be buried in it.

God bless all the nomads and prepare them for the different life that’s ahead.
I'm sorry you had to give up your van. I'm praying you are able to get the electric scooter. I know how depressing it can be to be confined to a house or apartment and unable to get outdoors and spend time in nature. I grew up on the farm and spent the majority of the days outdoors except in winter when the time was reduced because of the cold. My spirit flies when I'm able to be outdoors regularly and am down in the dumps when I can't spend at least a little while outdoors birdwatching, gardening, insect observing, walking or what ever. I spent a period of time caring for my elderly husband which seamed longer than it was because I could not leave him even 15 minutes to walk in the garden. I'll be thrilled for you when you are able to get outside again.
Looked out my window this morning and saw a wild creature. Just a bunny sitting in a patch of morning sun having a breakfast of grass seeds.
If what I saw first thing this morning is any indication of how my day is going to go, a Dung Beetle looking for something to roll, maybe I’ll just lay back for today.
And bullfrog then you could join Maki2 for fried rabbit For lunch. Crap, now I’m hungry.
Busy day with doctors, etc. also, I bought a hovaround today. It’s pretty old but it runs great and I only paid $200. I’m hoping this will do for a little bit of running around town as I save up the rest of the money for that veteran. I’ve got about $2000 towards the $3500 machine. The other machine has a much longer battery life up to 25 miles, better ground clearance and springs and all four corners. So I’ll be able to drive all over the small town with it. I’m sure I’ll get a reputation… A fat man on an electric Machine going up and down the local roads. Just got to get myself a tall flag 🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱on the back of it yet.

God bless all the nomads east, and west, and in between. (Of. Course we all know that the eastern ones are the best.)
You better get your winter tires on soon…
Glad you have good wheels. Better get a dash cam too… you’ll be like me. I play my dash cam back and people ask if that’s in slow motion. I’m like… that’s all the faster I go now!
You better get your winter tires on soon…
Glad you have good wheels. Better get a dash cam too… you’ll be like me. I play my dash cam back and people ask if that’s in slow motion. I’m like… that’s all the faster I go now!
But that is to be expected, like a turtle your hard shell house goes with you 🐢
Doing a happy dance! Last 90 degree day in the week’s forecast and it is going to be a very low 91 degree day with a cooler night.

Not a lot of wildlife at this campsite other than some birds in the sky riding the updraft thermals over by the hills. There would be a lot more sightings of them if a drive a bit south of Lake Havasu city to the Bill Williams wildlife preserve area. It has wetlands there with a lot more birds around. But last year at this campsite s as friend I was camping near let me look through his scope and I saw some bighorn sheep up on the hill next to us.

Unfortunately I no longer own a camera with a longer range telescopic lens. Even if I still had it I would not now be using it as it required film and that would not suit this lifestyle. So I sold it off to a student in a photography class.
Beautiful days in Pennsylvania, temperature in the 70s leaves are starting to turn here but I’ve peaked in upstate PA. Bright blue skies, and some neatly shaped clouds.

Hope you’re all well.

Maki2. - I could sit for hours and watch the vultures sore on the thermals. It’s about the only bird I see outside my window here, but I did see two bald eagles the week and moved in.

God bless the nomads, each and everyone!!!
Maybe the corvids are not as pretty as song birds. But their flight is fascinating. Vultures soaring in a kettle for hours on end without flapping wings more than two or three times an hour. Something about them, and the nomad lifestyle are in common.

i’m trying to get some of my pictures ready to get online here but I have to learn a whole new system because I bought a computer with Microsoft 11 on it and I seem to be lost. I haven’t used anything Microsoft since Microsoft seven. I’ve been on Mac since then, but I can’t afford to buy a new Mac computer. I do hope to be ready to start editing pictures for when the snow blows this winter.

I got my Hoveround delivered today. It runs great and cost only $200. It’s an old one and doesn’t look very fancy, but it runs good. I’m still saving up for the top-of-the-line scooter which will cost me $3500. I have $2100 now and it’ll take me almost a year to save the rest, of course then the price will be up by then. i’m a little behind the learning curve on operating this thing which has front wheel drive and pivoting wheels in the back but I’m going to be practicing out in the parking lot tomorrow again. This one won’t get me as far as the park but I’ll be able to go down to the diner to sip coffee with the old farts, and to the grocery store with it.

God bless the nomad’s as they soar the highways as free as a bird rides the thermals.