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maki2 said:
as if getting older and having hormone changes creating hot flashes for years was not already annoying...
Now every time  we get a hot flash some of us will be waiting it out wondering if it is a Covid 19 fever or just another hot flash???

Fortunately it will won't take too long to get a yes or no answer to that.
Hi Maki2,

I so relate to what you said.  I had hotflashes, nightsweats for years, starting at about 50 years of age.  I also had extreme migraines with aura, numbness in left-side, and the pain so bad I had to go to the hospital I think it was 4 times and have then give me pain killer shots.  Last time was 2010, and it took 5 shots to finally stop me thinking the pain was going to kill me.   The good news is, no more migraines, slight partial ones up until about a week ago, and the hotflashes are almost non-existent.  It's safe to say I owe it to the fact I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  I know, is she kidding!!  Well, I went all in on ditching the carbs it scared me so bad to have a disease.  I eat less than 50g per day now, and it took away the hotflashes, I guess bread, pastas and anything that has high carbs, in it did the trick.

I am passing this on because I too worried I had Covid, but what happened for me was everything just felt worse because I was having withdrawals from sugar, no kidding, thought it would never stop.  Just when I thought I couldn't take another day of high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and another hotflash ending up drenched in sweat, it was gone.  I'd say it took 2 months.  I was diagnosed on Jan 20, 2021.  I feel like a new woman.  I'm basically on what they call **** which is just low carb under 50 g.  Sorry bout the long message, just felt like writing I guess, lucky you hey :D  Forgot to mention I lost 13 lbs so far with nutrition and exercise alone, no meds.
I really, really hate them hot flashes!

What works for me are Estrogen transdermal patches, you can get them for changing once a week or twice a week-which i use as leaving the patch on for a week is too hard on my skin. A typical dosage is "estradiol transdermal system delivers 0.1mg a day".  I found it curious that my docs never offered the patches, i had to ask for them. Estrogen pills nauseated me (as did birth control pills-maybe that contributed to my four kids?).  I tried the herbals, and while they helped a little, they weren't enough.  Hence, the prescription route. And, the Estrogen helps with menopausal symptoms in other body areas. I take them also for osteopenia-20+ years and it hasn't progressed into osteoporosis.  My doc says that it is largely due to the hormonal replacement therapy, in all likelihood (on top of dairy, vitamin  D, etc)

The only negative is that if I forget to put on a new patch, after 3-4 days late, the flashes resume and it takes a few days to get back to baseline. And i get really, really bitchy.

They are generic and tolerate the van temps, though if I am carrying more than a month supply, I put them in the fridge. 

With transdermal, the estrogen levels are systemically much lower than having to pass through the digestive  system and then having to metabolize the oral form (through the liver).