Walmart stealth bathing

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Mar 29, 2018
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I'm pretty astonished that the rights of legitimately handicapped people have been completely dismissed by way of someone saying they do a nice wipe-down of a stall. This strikes me as willful ignorance or malicious disregard of the handicapped who might need to use the stall you are occupying. If you are not handicapped, you should not be using a handicapped stall, period.

In extreme situations - say you have diarrhea and no other stall is avaliable, then I don't see how it would be fair to hold you to account for acting as nature insists. But your simply wanting to engage in the optional activity of cleaning yourself should not supersede the urgency and panic of some poor soul who wants to relieve himself but is unable because you have chosen to take a stall that he or she has NO CHOICE other than to take.

Think of someone besides yourself, people, please. You can kid yourself otherwise, but you simply cannot be good people if you do not think of others. Those stalls were not made for you FOR A REASON. For God's sake, be a little merciful toward others who face necessities while you merely choose between your luxuries.

It is shameful for you who have so much to take from those who have so little. And that you congratulate yourself about it is awful.

Again, if you are facing an emergency, I won't be first in line to blame you. But if you are indulging yourself out of convenience -- you should experience the shame you deserve for it and if not for the discomfort and misery of those you unfairly displace, I wish you would. The world needs less of your behavior and you deserve to be called on for risking the inconveniencing and even misery and humiliation of the disabled.


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Sep 11, 2018
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Ding, the OP using the stall IS a handicap person by her own admission.

And if reading back you will see it was extremely early AM and other info on her use of that stall.
Other things applied but I understand what you are saying in general about the general use of facilities.

Gypsy Freedom

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Jun 30, 2019
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these are the abuses of public restrooms that give us a bad name and make us unwelcome.

if you dont want to get a real shower in the many places you can. then do your own sponge bath in your rig.

this type of activity IS a problem. i see signs in public and even store restrooms that say, hay dont be so uncouth, take your bath else where. just not in as many words