Pirate Camp Winter Season 2022-23

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A large portion of Southwest Arizona seems to have blown into Southeastern Utah, seeing brown today!
Wind is blowing due west in the Yuma area. Got gust of 51mph at 5:00 afternoon. It’s slowly dropping off but it will be blowing on thru the night.
Im going to head back in Q Friday or Saturday will anyone be in or the Pirate Camp? Love to meet some of you.

That windstorm Monday was something awful and was enough to make me leave Q the following day.
I came across this YouTube video clip
The other day. Has some potential for a compact Van build arrangement. The construction is not overly complex to make in a mobile workshop setup. You might need to rewind the clip to the beginning it is very short but shows enough to grab onto the concept.
Pirate Camp…
Thank you all for the hospitality at the pot luck on Wednesday evening, wow Brian the roast beef was a real treat as were of course the other offerings.

Abnorm the use of your battery operated skill saw was a real time saver, I appreciated that very much. I plan on getting that mini desk top surface into use this week. A few things to do to it first though, sanding, varnishing, small
wood blocks keep it from shifting, etc.
The finished project I needed the plywood for. A 12” inch deep work surface that rest on my desk drawer. I topped it off with a cutting mat so it can double as a crafting surface too. The drawer can be closed with that work top left in place.
While they may get to kick you out, I chose to vacate of my own accord.... that heat... ugh... almost makes me miss snow... almost.
I burned up $150 in gas and have resettled in a beautiful grassy plain area... 70s yest... 50s overnight.. one coyote howl at about 5am somewhere southwest on Flagstaff.

Thank you to all who made my winter easier, through guidance, brain help, physical help, picking up Walmart orders and helping Chilli to adjust to life with humans and other doggos.

I fell short of some goals I had for myself for the winter, but managed to get the big one done, and that was to get my solar running and get off the damn generators for daily power usage. I also shed a few hundred pounds of excess weight in the form of cabinet doors and some other parts and pieces.

French Toast Breakfast
Mounting Solar Panels
Wrangling Van Aid
Not falling down

May you all have a great break from Q.

I expect to be in the greater Flagstaff are over the summer.

@Sleep I beeped at you on the way out... got rushing around and didn't say Ta Ta...
@NctryBen Leave yer dam wrist alone so it will heal!! ( and so you can bring down fresh syrup for next!)
@abnorm I boosted the signal on the Starlink... yer fooked mate.
Im going to head back in Q Friday or Saturday will anyone be in or the Pirate Camp? Love to meet some of you.
Well ^ Dennis made it to camp late one evening...........ran over some rocks

Bent some parts on his car around the driveshaft............Everetts Auto fixed him up...........Be Careful........later

JASON.......You coming back for Chili's Kong toy ?

Jessie had a poetic description for today................. "Turn on the lights and all the roaches scatter !"

Camp is nearly empty....................It will be the "BonFire of the Pirates" soon.....................Arrrrrrgh
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Pulled out of Pirate Camp yesterday, shortly after Mark. Couldn't say goodbye to Doug because he didn't answer when I called, so saying it now.

Now at Chiriaco Summit, going to go to Joshua Tree today.

I tend to nest into"home" whenever I stay anywhere for more than about two days. So I kind of sludge around when packing up. But once I AM packed up - a switch flips, and I can't wait to get gone!

See you all next year...
So I too packed up and left, sad we have to part ways.

Jason sorry I didn’t get to give Chili dog some love, keep us posted on her progress. Bellla will miss her. Safe travels all. Jacque take care out there as well!

Peace and safe travels…
This week we're camping on the Colorado river in Earp CA.........$2.50 a nite...........

I've been spending my days soaking in the COLD river.........an inner tube tied to the bank.................WATER !

BAJA FRANK (a Forum member) pulled in this afternoon for a stay

We need kill some time to collect our last mail/package drops from Q when they arrive.....................

Goodbye JACQUE.............Speak UP !

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I have poked my head into the realm of .... work... ( gasp) .. I have feelers out and interest back... we'll see how that rolls... I need $$ so I can get the RV in better shape with shocks, and tires soon as well... kaching

Abnorm you do a lot of that particular four letter stuff yourself. But one person’s joy of doing is sometimes called WORK by another person.

I have build projects to do this month, the ongoing joy will come when that WORK is finally done. I do consider it work. At least the Walnut Canyon NFS weather is just right for it. Pleasantly warm from 10am until sundown. No precipitation in the 10 day forecast. Also not a bad drive over to Home Depot. Plus the person who offered to help put up my ceiling vinyl is here too! The stars in the sky have aligned! Now I just need to get used to the elevation change in oxygen amounts and get my energy levels back up. That should happen in a few more day’s time. 🥳
Jason, the things to remember about work is - 1) it's always temporary and 2) most of us can put up with just about anything for 6 months.

That said, here's hoping you find some remunerative part time work that you like doing!
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