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My wife is saving up to have my ashes made into a diamond so she can have it set in a pinky ring and continue to keep me wrapped around her little finger! Lol!!!
My brother once told me he wanted to be dressed in his "finest", have copious makeup applied and be encased in clear plastic and sit on a nearby hill so everyone could come and admire his magnificence. I told him he needed to look up "magnificence" in the dictionary.
dust to dust is a wonderful concept. I was pro cremation until I read "Up in Smoke" by a funeral home worker. Yes, I do read stuff like this, lol. Cremation is bad for the environment and the ashes are toxic to the planet. So, my mind has been changed ... choosing a Green Burial. Basically, composting for humans. Good for the soil, good for the environment and cheaper than cremation.
The total cost to the environment depends on where the natural burial takes place. If it is out in a natural area it would be “green” eco wise. If the green burial is done in a cemetery where the lawns are constantly fertilized, watered and mown with gasoline powered equipment it would not be overall “green” choice.

But no matter where at least you can purchase a biodegradable casket.

Burial at Sea options also work for being “green”
My wife is saving up to have my ashes made into a diamond so she can have it set in a pinky ring and continue to keep me wrapped around her little finger! Lol!!!
That's beautiful what she wants to do, making me feel emotional about it.
I hope you don't tell your wife the "Lol!!!" part. It's not funny, it's absolutely beautiful and should bring a tear to your eyes.

Also, if you believe in magic (as I certainly do, having experienced a lot of it), keeping that part of you with her will make it much easier for the two of you to communicate -- spirit to spirit -- while you're gone and she's still here.


1) Show your enthusiasm by sharing this article with her about how it's done, making ashes into real diamonds.
2) It would save a lot of money to instead, encase some of your ashes in plastic* shaped as a diamond. Then she can actually see your ashes through the plastic*!

*By "plastic" I mean polyethylene terephthalate, which is one of the most widely used polymers. It is clear, strong, and lightweight; even used to encase some moon rocks now on display in museums.
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You guys are just plain morbid here today. I told my family to play "Wipe Out" by the Surfaris at my funeral. Then they can get up and dance. Other than that, no preferences.
Whether or not you think it is morbid is a personal take on the matter. I simply do not care what happens to my body after I die. I am however an organ donor and hope that can happen. Lots of people waiting on transplant lists for all kinds of things.
As the day approaches, I just want to share with all my nomad friends, a big fat HUMBUG.
I myself would like to have some humbugs as I have a sweet tooth. . But I am guessing you do not actually know what a Humbug is? It is an old fashioned hard candy, caramel flavored with mint. They were popular in England during the era Dickens was writing his novels and they were one of the candies used for Christmas gifts for children.

As to people who like Christmas and its decorations I am very much in alignment with the statement “God bless them everyone”. Those are the very same group of people who put the food in my tummy and fuel in my car when they buy the products I first designed to please my girlfriends at a Christmas time craft party. My gift to my friends is one that has kept on giving and giving back to me and has also brought pleasure to thousands of my customers since then.

So send out positive thoughts about Christmas because you just never know what they will return back to you. 🎄
The Humbugs sound delicious! That's something I never heard of before. They are still sold in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. And they're sold on the internet: Rheo Thompson Humbugs. And on other sites. I'm tempted to try them out.

Merry Christmas, Nature Lover and friends.
I like bugs if they hum or not is totally up to them. I'm not to picky. I like snails though not in my garden or strawberries, I like lady bugs They are good luck, and if we didn't have slugs, my favorite bug guy says "we'd all be up to our arm pits in poo really quick". And how about those wonderful praying mantis'? How could you not love those things. Spiders are great if we didn't have spiders imagine the mosquitos!!! And who has ever looked on a web full of frost and not seen the beauty there. Honeybees well their name is all I need to smile. What would a summer night be without the song of a crickets. Have you ever watched an army of ants? So much fun.
SO right back at ya, hum buggies hum
And ya I'm struggling with finding/funding my Christmas spirit this year too. I just broke my car Hubby is still dealing with health issues and the tree trying to fall on our shop has the tree guys really stumped. But maybe if We just enjoy today it will look up tomorrow. That's the plan and #$% if anyone else tries to drop a bomb on me they better do it from waaaaayyy over there!
I went to a kids Christmas show last week and it helped. I went shopping for the last gift stuff (Which is where I broke my car) and I plan to video the tree stuff if it ever gets done. Those all help. Oh yea I got my gift early and now instead of a broken tooth that made cookie eating not possible I got a new crown and am enjoying all that baking I was doing. So, take stock of what is going right and fight that #$% attitude with what ever floats your boat.
Can any adult ever have that exact same intense joy of Christmas when we were young enough to believe in Santa and woke up to presents under tree?

The town of Poulsbo Washington, a waterfront community settled by Norwegians where I lived for a while is very big on Christmas Festivities. I lived just a few blocks from the small downtown and we kept our boat at the marina that is part of the downtown waterfront. People came from all over to enjoy the that tourist destination town at Christmas time. They put on a season long Yulefest culminating in the big nightime event of Vikings going out in a torch lit wooden Viking boat event to bring St. Lucia into town. A nomadic YouTube blogger couple went to the grand finale day and night and posted a pretty decent video of it. So a little glimpse of one of my several “home towns”. There is a very nice waterfront state park that is any easy drive to the town. I stayed at that park for 22 days including Halloween night my first year on the road using my WA state senior discount.
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hello nomad friends, I hadn’t kept you up-to-date, but about a week before Christmas. I had a little accident with my scooter. Thank God the scooter is not damaged but I cut my leg. Pretty bad. 36 stitches. And of course with my luck it got infected and three days later I ended up in the hospital. I spent Christmas in the hospital and I’m still here. Of course they had to take out all the stitches and some damaged tissue. they have my wound on a vacuum pump (that sucks) and on antibiotic IV.

of course, I am enjoying all the pretty nurses 👩‍👧‍👧who take care of me and breakfast lunch and supper in bed.

Having surgery tomorrow to add some tissue. made from sheep tissue to fill in part of the gap where they took out infected stuff.

I think this is all happening because I wrote on here about Christmas being a humbug. And it sure turned out that way didn’t it. This is the third time in six years that I spent Christmas in a hospital or rehab.

just because I love you all I want you to have a good experience. I’m going to add a picture of this beautiful wound. It’s very educational I’ve never seen by tibia before. If your scrimmage don’t look.🙈 Prayers are appreciated. God bless all the nomads.

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Hope you get healed up real soon and enjoy the company while you are! Maybe they can get you some cider for New Years!
Are you sure you could not have found a an easier way to spend the holidays being pampered by pretty nurses? Seems a bit extreme to me but I guess it would have to be to keep you there for the whole holidays. Glad they are taking good care of you.

Glad the scooter is OK. Take it easy!
Nahh, that little scratch should buff right out 😳 And it could have been a lot worse -- you could have totalled your scooter, so you got that goin' for ya, which is nice.

I think I may have fallen off a scooter a couple of times myself, and I remember there's always that moment when you're out riding around and having fun and minding your own business and all of a sudden you say "Well Heck, looks like I'm about to fall off my scooter now!" and then you do.

There's just something about that special feeling that's hard to describe, but you know it when it comes your way.

So best wishes for a happy new year, and please take better care of that leg in 2024.

Geneeus They said there would be no baaaaaaad Side effects from using sheep products. Maybe they were pulling the wool over my eyes. Just got out of surgery about an hour ago. Pain is reasonably easy to deal with I guess.

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