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Texas Gypsy

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Apr 24, 2023
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I like big trucks!
I'm working on which vehicle I want to buy and a box truck with a lift gate seems to offer the best option to take my toys (atv and power scooter) with me and have room to set up my sewing studio. I'm looking at the bigger diesels and in my area the ones with lift gates are very reasonable. A raised lift gate should make a nice porch as well.

My concern is limb clearance. I'm looking at boondocking mostly in AZ, CO and NM. A big box truck shouldn't be taller than a 5th wheel camper I wouldn't think and I see those on public lands quite a bit. Anyone with a bigger box truck have issues due to clearance? I'm not worried about some scratches.

Also, I'd like to put in a wall with a door and window in the back but still have the roll up door for when I'm going down the road. Is that possible? Video links would be appreciated.
That's actually the only part I want to build in. Everything else will be placed in and secured when driving but be movable and modular. I have a Bluetti AC200p solar generator and 2 suitcase solar panels on long leads that I plan to use for my power needs.
Another big plus to me for using a box truck is payload capacity! I can bring lots of fresh water! Ooooh showers

Any foreseeable problems with taking this size truck to the Baja? I've been over most of mainland Mexico but would really like to travel the Baja.


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