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hugemoth said:
I do get Verizon service a couple miles up the south entrance on Steens Loop Road....
Thanks for the info. Is there boondocking or campground only?  -crofter
There is a campground several miles up but it's boondocking by the horse pond. You can camp anywhere you want, it's all BLM. I talked with the BLM office in Burns to verify camping is ok anywhere and that an ATV can be driven on the loop road and other trails.
At the pond.



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Thanks. Sounds nice but probably pretty chilly right now eh ?  crofter said:
Take Highway 224 east from Estacada OR. 
Memaloose Bridge is the BLM site. This area is nice, although no actual camping on the BLM. 

Waterfalls. Rippling Rocks. First Peoples history. Some spectacular wide spots that are hassle free. Pack in/ pack out please. 

Free camping is on the forest 15 miles farther past the organized forest service campgrounds. There is actually a sign on 224 where the free camping starts. Every small forest road has some fire rings. It's a vanners paradise but most spots are too small for larger rigs. 

No cell service farther up. No gas available on the forest. Water available at FS hand pumps or from creeks.

Urban legend about free camping on Fish Creek Road is false. If you want to stay on Fish Creek, stay at the FS Campground, it's very nice and costs about $10 for seniors. There are usually a few empty spots, but reservations are available at look for "Fish Creek Campground"

Clackamas Wild and Scenic River

National Forest Clackamas River Ranger District[font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]r Ranger Dis[/font]

Happy camping!   :)

~ crofter
The roads up the mountain in the Estacada area are icy in winter due to water on the road. Expect snow higher.   -crofter
Mount Hood NF Clackamas River wild & scenic area: Highway 224 still listed as closed due to intense fire damage, also Molalla River road access points are reported as closed. Link to the alert.

Looks like FS Roads 46, 57, and other roads are also closed so access to Timothy Lake and Bagby hot springs are cut off. Anyone local please update. -c
have any of you been up to Lost Creek Lake area? That is gorgeous, and I'm an Oregonian born and raised, but left for Portland before this "reservoir" was well known. I lived in the Winston/Roseburg area further north on I-5. I am thinking this will be a good place to go this Summer for a camp-trip.

There's a place that's pretty remote I've kayaked and camped, loved it, called Hemlock Lake. Glide & Idleyld have the closest stores for groceries, and gas. I don't know what condition that area is, Lost Lake or Hemlock since the fires from hell last year ;(
I have camped up there but not recently.

Anyone camped at Irish and Taylor Lakes? They're right on the Cascade crest, not far from Waldo Lake off Hwy 58. It's wilderness on both sides of the road (more like a Jeep trail) and you'll need 4wd to get there. I usually approach from Little Cultus Lake. Mosquitoes are pretty bad but it's a beautiful place. Great for a kayak.
I'll be going through the Willow Creek area sometime in August. I plan on visiting the site of the Patterson-Gimlin film. Its always been a goofy dream of mine, even though the modern day site looks nothing like it did back then. There is some good information in this thread. If i find anything useful i will be sure to contribute.
hugemoth said:
and you'll need 4wd to get there. I usually approach from Little Cultus Lake. Mosquitoes are pretty bad but it's a beautiful place. Great for a kayak.
I couldn't go up there unfortunately with no 4x4 ;)  Waldo Lake I've heard a lot about from folks in Oregon, never been there.  I guess I'm thinking Summer has hit the lower, inland Oregon, but I think it's this time of year, or used to be, some hot weather, then more rain sometimes ;)  HIgher elevations much cooler, or downright cold.  I'm chompin at the bit to go "home" (Oregon) and camp!  I'll wait and see how the weather reports come in for sure.
Might be a good time to ask, why are the UFO pictures, and Bigfoot Pics always blurred, the ones I've seen at least? I haven't seen the film, but I'll check it out ;)

edit: Well, I checked it out, and it almost exactly where I was planning to do my first campout, unless I can't resist going into Oregon for my first time out this year ;)

According to Wikipedia:–Gimlin_film
I'll be going over to Leslie Gulch in a few weeks. There is a little free campground with covered tables right next to Owyhee Res. Long gravel road to get there but the rock formations are amazing. Three Finger Gulch is a few miles away on Jeep trails and rarely visited. I think it's probably the most beautiful canyon in Oregon. A motorcycle, ATV, or 4 wd is required to get there. Early summer or late spring is the best time to visit. Very remote.
Leslie Gulch is amazing, seen pics but never been there. Wonderful you are going! The hiking would be fabulous! My, little truck wouldn't do it I'm afraid. Although the most adventurous I got in it was driving down a creek in Alabama, lol! My friend tony knew the creek born and raised on it, and said we could do it so we did! Then we stopped and got out and went wading! That was an adventure, How I loved Alabama (NW on the Tennessee was all I really got to see though).