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Please add Friday, we never know about Saturdays.
It's Tuesday and Friday and a few chatted last night also. We will again tonight, if anyone shows up.
Nice! See you there!
Lets see.... what time zone am I in at the moment 🤔.....divide by 2 plus 10 minus the square root of 1. Or I can google 😁
Just thought I’d mention… I was in my house and was losing battery even though I was plugged in. Someone had mentioned using another cord. Then my phone died… well I had two other cords.
When I wired the place I’d put in receptacles that had the usb charging. I think they are bad… when I went out in the camper to bed the Jackery charged it right up. So there’s that. Haha.
Live chat tonight beginning at 7pm central... be there.

The link is above...