Things to do to keep feeling "normal" while living out of your van?

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The average stock market return is about 10% per year for nearly the last century, as measured by the S&P 500 index. In some years, the market returns more than that [!]...
In fUSA, the increase in fiat currency during that century is approximately one-hundred fifty-six thousand nine-hundred fifty-one percent (156,951%).
A ten-percent 'return' can only be calculated on individual transactions of individual companies... that line is nearly horizontal.
Inflation is calculated geometrically... that line is nearly vertical.
During that century, based solely on the acts of the RulingParasites, I think we can reasonably diagnose them as intentionally suicidal... and they are delighted to take us with them.
Who owns Standard And Poor (S&P)?
Who benefits from the rosy outlook?
Who benefits on each transaction, irregardless of success or loss to the marks?
In fUSA, companies offering stocks hope you will loan them money in hopes of the company owners and managers providing a desirable product or service.
As we know, pride and professionalism began their decline in the 1950s.
2023, little-to-none remains.
Regardless of this interesting debate, Lance has stated he wants to work under 40 hours a week. He doesn't want to sell anything. And isn't interested in many of the ideas to generate money.

I accept his position, so I hope he does well with his plans.

I do think hobby groups might be a good idea. Maybe walking groups. Nothing extra needed, gets you in shape as mentioned, and there are groups everywhere. A lot walk in malls so that's cooler or warmer depending on outside weather. Plenty of time to walk and talk, so it's social as well. And if you get tired, take a seat and catch your breath.
Stressed out and bored is normal for much of the population. So feeling that way when living in a van doing urban boondocking is very normal.
I have Starlink so I can stare at my phone like 'normal' people from anywhere in north America 😉😁

I am not a people person but I enjoy observing and studying behavior.... especially in different cultures. Some people just need to interact with other people. The lockdown for covid was especially difficult and in some cases damaging for these individuals. Whereas I sm still kicking myself for not loading up my sailboat with a years worth of supplies and following Jimmy Buffetts advice

Find a group of folks in similar circumstances. I'm on a wide variety of groups on Facebook and I frequently see posts where people don't want to travel alone.
There are advantages to traveling with several other people besides companionship. You can share assets and skills. Many hands make light work.
Though our current culture seems focused on separating families and groups... we are not designed/wired/developed to live as solitary people.
Back to the original question, one of the things I do at 72 years old not only because I benefit physically, financially and socially is work an easy job with little stress, usually as an “at will” employee. Working makes others see you as “normal” and makes you appreciate the fact you are not really like most other “normal” people that are working!