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Overland One

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Mar 21, 2023
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This exact point is WHY I always check to see WHO pays for return shipping n faulty equipment..I bought a lithium battery for $299 and it showed t had 3.8 volts I sent a message to the seller on Amazon who paid for returns and he said, just keep it and I will send you another.OK great..the second comes around and it also shows 3.6 volts..He says I'll refund you the money and just keep those 2 non working ones since he had to pay shipping back..ok I say..Once I got my money back I slice the plastic box open and what had happened on one was when they put the 4 brics together one of the BMS wires got caught in the 4 and got cut..I soldered it back together and voila 12.8 volts the other the same kind of thing but it did not cut the wire it had actually pulled the plug from the BMS half way off..I pushed it back in and Again Voila 12.8 volts...since the seller was so nice I informed him of the issue in the putting together of the batteries..He was glad to find out why and I was VERY HAPPY to get 2 100 amps lithiums batteries for free! Moral of the story..find sellers that offer to pay for shipping back on their faulty equipment
That's awesome. Good job repairing them.