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Sep 21, 2021
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I am a misfit. Always have been, always will be (apparently) I 've always felt like a square peg attempting to fit into this round hole called society. So naturally I am quite the loner as well. Yet, I believe that I may have found a place in the world where I could belong.

As for my introduction to the group...
I worked a job for many years which I only loved for the benefit of servitude. I cherish being useful and helpful to other's. Yet, otherwise I hated my job and myself due to belonging to the rat race and feeling stuck simply for the reward of a good paycheck and a pension. Ironically 1 yr and a half from my retirement, covid hit and I had too make a life altering decision about the direction of my life though. The dilemma being, stay at my job for the good paycheck and pension as I was so close to receiving but not know when I would ever see my elderly Mother again? I worked in public transit (I really love driving!) on the campus of a major University. Many students were international students which for years I saw as a great value to my life. But when covid began, many students were already sick and acting carelessly about it. They were traveling all over the world and returning back to College which I worked. So I was in serious peril at that point and either I would've been dead myself or at the very least contagious to my Mother. I couldn't have allowed her around me for an indefinite amount of time if I didn't not act quickly. I truly love my Mother more than anything, she is my greatest friend in this life (and my dog, too) and we're so close. Hence, I moved and chose to be my Mother's side. Actually, that was my only choice. I shall be right here by her side until she takes her last breath. Nevertheless, I have been especially introspective and realize that I have nothing to show for all the years of working a job I hated. Which leaves me feeling a great loss and not quite realizing the gain. Because foolishly, I thought I would be quite the asset to the current workforce. I was so wrong. Nobody seems all that eager to hire a 55 yr old woman, no matter how strong her work ethic is, no matter how much she work circles around the younger people she work with.

In fact...I was always taught that you do good and good will certainly come back to you. You work hard and your hard work will pay off. Be honest. But honesty is not getting anybody anywhere anymore. Truth is absolute for me however. I would rather be completely destitute and be honest rather than the reverse. The world and humanity is changing at a mind boggling pace. I feel overwhelmed and confused by the world around me. So I've made another life changing choice and decided that when my Sunshine (Mom) crosses over to the other side I shall certainly move into my car and hit the road. I have always been a vagabond in spirit, I hate feeling stuck and I need to be surround by nature to be healthy in my soul anyway. Therefore, I feel that I would love to join a tribe of like-minded souls when the time comes for me. I'm in no way walking on water myself, not by any means, but I do loathe fakeness, greedy, loud obnoxious character's, etc...etc. I strive with all my heart & soul never too fall prey to these shortcomings. I've watched hours of Bob's youtube videos learning everything I need to know for great Nomad success and I've never sensed none of that within your lovely tribe's and caravans. I love, value and appreciate the kindness of human's, integrity, and strength of spirit etc...etc. That I pick up strongly within your pack of humans. I am no longer interested in pursuing the American dream, whatsoever. I want to live and be free before I pass through this life. 
Thanks for your time. I look forward to knowing the people I am destined to call, friend. Ciao!
Most Sincerely,
Lori, your story touches me. I think that this should be your introduction to the community.

I truly understand your feelings. The last 2 years have been troubling for me also. I am lucky that my husband understands me and my loss of physical freedom. My back injury as severely rocked my world. Add that to the Covid outbreak and I have been home bound for close to 2 years. I am lucky that my husband is understanding and has a big heart.

When I am released from the doctors care and physical therapy I am going to be a vacationing nomad. Visit family and travel. I will be using my minivan because it is what I have.

We are long time campers so I have a fairly good idea of what is needed for long trips, what I don’t know for sure I am researching through this community and videos on YouTube.

While I am still house bound I have been purchasing from Amazon to stock my little van camper. Hubby’s request is I did not “steal “ from the family Travel Trailer. lol

Another promise I made to hubby is that I take several trips locally to “practice “. To evaluate any limitations I might have from my injury and surgery. And I think that is a totally logical idea.

I say this because I love camping but it might be different for ne now. And I would suggest you try a couple practice trips also. Load up your car and go camping. See what you like and dislike about it then change a few things or plan ahead.

It does not need to be elaborate. Sleeping set up, small kitchen ( could be a tub). And see how you like it or what you would do different.

I look forward to hearing your progress and thoughts into this new journey your planning.

One small step at a time is my new life’s plan!
Paradiddlepenny. We have a newcomers corner here where you can make an introductory post. We would love to get to know you.
Welcome to the CRVL forums Lori! I moved your post into a thread of its own so that we could give you a better welcome. Sounds like you are a born nomad!

To help you learn the ins and outs of these forums, this "Tips, Tricks and Rules" post lists some helpful information to get you started.

Most of our rules boil down to two simple over-riding principles: 1) What you post should provide good information (like your introductory post), and 2) Any response to someone else's post should make them feel glad they are part of this forum community.

We look forward to hearing more from you.
Dearest Minnievann,

Thank you kindly for all the good advice. I must be honest though I have a car, a Kia soul to be exact. That's what I shall live in, cause that's what I got. I've not actually camped since I was younger. It will all be a new journey for me all the way around. I'm a very strong Women, indeed, in my heart and Soul with a strong resiliency. Hopefully that will get me through. It always has...I have been looking at good tents to purchase at least. The one I love is a shiftpod and they're not giving those away I tell you! But hopefully I will get all my ducks in a row. Strange but many way's I find that I am so careful and must research my way through life because that just seems like the right way to do things. Yet, in other way's I am absolutely guilty of being *all or nothing.* 
When my Sunshine (Mom) passes over to the land of the Spirits. I will be so sad like I've never been before in my heart and soul. I will be grieving so deeply...the only option I feel that I shall have is pack what I've got and head out into the unknown. Truthfully, I cannot imagine living upon this earth without my Sunshine or my dog. Therefore, I shall throw myself into a loving Universe and go on a wing and a prayer at that point. I will surely be in unknown territory all the way around...But I am prepared too trust what comes my way...or bust! HA! 

I am so glad for you that you have such an amazing Husband who supports you. That's so important...indeed, it is. Sounds like you've got yourself set up and ready to go when your back permits. Perhaps, we shall cross paths one day. Until then...I wish you well my new found friend. Please be well.