My 2023 Promaster livability build

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Van is actually called “high roof”. I’m 6’ and can stand in it with my hat on. Promaster has 3 roof heights labeled low, high and super high. 🤷🏻‍♂️ prolly marketing bs. Reality is they are low, middle & high.

It’s not hard to do the windows. There’s lotsa info on it. Main thing for most peeps to get over is the psychological block of “OMG no return” once you start drilling holes in your van. 😂

Rear windows are easiest really cause the “template” of where to cut is already defined for you. From the inside Drill 1/8” holes about 1” apart at the tangents and along the 4 curved “corners”. From the outside connect the tangent holes with straight lines using a sharpy. Where to cut with jig saw is now defined by the four straight lines and the 1/8” holes along the 4 curves. Drill a big hole to insert saw blade and GIT CUTTIN! 😂 follow the lines and connect the 1/8” holes.
After you’ve cut about half to 2/3, tape what you’ve cut to reduce vibration and connect suction cup. As you finish the cutting, the suction cup will enable you to control the cut piece for removal without creating a wound 🩸 on yourself.

After removal of the 2 pieces of sheet metal on those rear doors; pat yourself on the back; douse a shot of tequila and take a long break till the tequila wears off. Then it’s time to install the windows. 😂😎🤙
est instructions ever....clear, concise, sense of humor ! Please continue to post. :)

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