Bluetti AC200MAX vs. AC300 Bundles

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Jan 15, 2015
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I'm interested in going with one of these portable solar generators for my next build, and I'm wondering which bundle is actually the better deal?

Here's a link to each for reference:
Since the AC200 max includes its own battery, would this bundle be a better deal than the AC300 max? Are both of the batteries in the 200max 2000 watts? Would that mean I'd have a total of 4000 watts usable? Another thing I'm wondering is, since these are lithium, how much more power would I have over my previous battery bank? In my last build, I was using 4 of the 6V full river golf car batteries wired in series/parallel to get 12v, 224 amp hours of usable battery. Since lithium batteries can be drained much further than AGMs, would that mean that even if I went with less amp hours in a lithium battery, would I still end up with more power anyway since I can discharge them up to 80%? I'm not an electrician, so I'm not sure how many amp hours these units have compared to my old system, or how it would compare to my old system in general. In my last build, I tried to keep as many things 12v as possible. I have 2 computer monitors I can run on 12v if needed, 2 laptops I need to charge with an inverter, a couple 12v fans, and a TV I can also run off 12v if needed. In my upcoming build, I think the only thing I would be adding to this is a 12v fridge/freezer and potentially something to cook with like an instapot (but thats a maybe, I can leave this out if necessary). Hopefully that can give some perspective on what kind of power I'm using?

Aside from all that, I'd also like to hear from anyone out there who might actually own and use either of these systems? I've heard the BMS on the AC200 actually draws a lot of power on its own. Is this still the case? I have also heard there can be issues with charging multiple batteries, but it also seems like some of these issues could possibly be patched out with software? Did this ever happen, or are there still problems in these areas? I'd be interested to hear what sort of issues I should expect with either of these, or if I should look into an entirely different brand instead.
Seems like you're splitting hairs on fine details. Bob always recommends "buy the biggest and most recent system available THAT YOU CAN AFFORD." Both of these are good systems and will more than run everything you mentioned. The 300 is the bigger, newer one. Which one can you afford? (Best I could do was an EB70 a year ago.)
I got the original AC200 9/20. I have 2 250W panels from Santan Solar. It runs most everything, including a mattress pad heater all night. Fully charged in the winter (Yuma) by early-mid afternoon.
Doesn't run my espresso machine or my coffee roaster.