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Add appropriate clothing (layered is good because it warms quickly in the desert), also notepad and pen for taking notes and something to drink because you're going to be there for a while.

Oh and a sunhat if you need one.
Since there were many people involved, I'm sure; I would like to say thank you to all who worked hard to make this happen.  That includes the BLM people.  I know they have always like Bob and his group; the way they take care (in general) and don't make life worse for them.  

This is a very positive move.  Good job!  


Real-time update: 1/8/2019 10:00AM

We pulled in last night about 6:00 and found a spot in the volunteer area. This is close to the handicapped camping and the handicapped day parking. There's a lot of room in the handicapped camping area so if you have a disabled hang tag you'll be able to find a space fairly close to the stage, free pile, button booth, and main campfire ring.

This morning we took a walk along the main RTR road, through the wash, and over to the old RTR site and the old Boomer area. Lots of people camping there who look like they are planning to stay put. It's a short walk to the RTR from there. Traffic into the new RTR site in minimal. The volunteers are doing an excellent job. Permits are not available because of the government closure but a volunteer will take your information and then you're free to go and find a camping spot. Everything is running smoothly and it looks like this year's RTR will be another great gathering!

I'll post some photos later. Please feel free to add updates and photos to this thread.
Thanks! I appreciate the update! I'll see you Thursday or Friday! Can't wait!
Photos 8/2019 throughout the day. Click to make them larger.

14 day areas before the RTR location. No permits needed due to government closure.

IMG_5843a.jpg     IMG_5845a.jpg

A bit of a traffic jam at the wash. This is the view going out of the RTR and before entering the wash.


Check in point


Views of camping areas

IMG_5861a.jpg    IMG_5868a.jpg    IMG_5860a.jpg

Name button line


Fun stuff

IMG_5867a.jpg   IMG_5850a.jpg


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Everyone is having a good time at the RTR- beautiful weather, lots of room, friendly people. :)
Too busy to take or post many photos but here are a few.

RTR schedule

Forum crowd



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Posting on the forum has been so slow lately that I think almost everyone is at the RTR! For those of you aren't, here are a few more pictures.

 Morning seminar speakers - Bob, a BLM ranger who is still on the job, and Becky from Interstellar Orchard

IMG_5896.JPG    IMG_5902.JPG    IMG_5904.JPG

The Home on Wheels Alliance booth. Thanks everyone for your generous contributions


 One of the "streets".  Crowded closer to the main street but lots of room towards the mountains.

IMG_5913.JPG   IMG_5907.JPG

Desert art. The crocheted lips are not hurting the cactus and will be removed by the artist after the RTR.


Sign the van that will be sacrificed on Saturday


Night descending on ParTR



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Haha. Anyone in trouble in the washes? I noticed there were campers in some of them.

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i dont think anyone is getting washed away from what i have seen. but it is getting VERY soft is some spots up on the desert pavement
tx2sturgis said:
We're building an Ark.

How's it looking so far?

It's almost worth driving up to QTZ to see if it floats, and watch you sail away while I try to tread water.  

:D :p :cool:

Reminds me of a John Prine song.

"I got kicked off of Noah's Ark
I turned my cheek to one unkind remark
There was 2 of everything, but one of me
and when that rain came tumblin down
I held my breath and I stood my ground
and I watched that ship go sailing off to sea"
Sweet Revenge - John Prine
Here is what RTR looks like from about 4 miles away. Drone shot from 'undisclosed' altitude.



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Great shot

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From far away and an altitude where the camera shouldn't be (I guess) Q-site doesn't look all that crowded.