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I've been really enjoying a trio of sisters from Monterrey, Mexico who have a band called The Warning. If you like loud, in your face rock and roll (like stuff from the 80s) they're a bunch of fun! Here's a live version of their cover of them covered Metallica's Enter Sandman, and they also record plenty of their own stuff, too:

I have been listening to audio books while I work out and I am listening to some childhood favorites.... Right now I am listening to Swiss Family Robinson. I just finished the Little House series. For music I am all over the place depending on the mood of the moment. I have recently started to listen to Whiskey Blues lots of them......
'So' by Peter Gabriel.
'Eye to the Telescope' by KT Tunstall
The Sportin' Lifers CD
'Little Creatures' by Talking Heads
'Fair & Square' by John Prine
'The Rodgers & Hart Songbook' by Ella Fitzgerald
'Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits'
'Remote' by the Swingrowers
'Rubycon' by Tangerine Dream
...that's for the past few days, anyway...
And only two neutral colors to choose from. Much like US politics.
When @rruff said in another thread "it's all in the mind" I immediately thought of the Diamond Rio song "It's All in Your Head" ("We never walked on the moon / Elvis ain't dead / You ain't goin' crazy / It's all in your head"). It's always been one of my favorites.