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Jun 12, 2021
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Good morning to who ever reads this. I just finished my crossing guard morning shift. In recent months I find myself checking in on the Van Life forums and it is becoming apparent to me that I am feeling a connection with many who write here. The most important observation is that most everyone I have read so far is a respectful, intelligent, problem solver. There is just a wealth of perseverance, knowledge and hope that I find when I read here. The roots of America are what I find here.
I am a mature lady who values resourcefulness. I am in the almost spring of year 2, pulling my life together after covid isolation and job loss. When I found the PT time crossing guard job last year my life improved because of the connections with people, doing something useful and earning some needed $.
For everyone who checks in here and shares their story, wisdom, how to get stuff done along with what seems to be patience and mostly kindness. I thank you.
Welcome to the forum rbee. There have been many here living in the sticks and bricks and investigating the forum to see if becoming a Nomad could work for them. Getting a rig together can be done while meeting others here to have a bit of a network together before going on the road. I'm sure you'll find the time you spend here to be rewarding. :)
Welcome rbee, thanks for the kind words about our members! We DO like to think of ourselves as 'problem solvers' thanks for that!

We hope you'll find this little corner of the internet to be a comfortable place to hang out.

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