My second year -- so far

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Since Oliver Lee, I returned to Elephant Butte for about a week, made a run to Albuquerque for a day, and when I returned to EB another friend had shown up. A couple of days later I led our little caravan to City of Rocks state park (the one in NM, not ID). A couple of nights there and then we traveled to this place between Douglas and Bisbee, AZ where a cute hippy couple is homesteading a patch of desert and welcoming boondockers. It's sort of like Slab City without the slabs.!9728&query=sitedetails

Now we're Wallydocking in Sierra Vista before heading off to a spot on NF land some former vandwellers recommended.
Next up was three days in Gardner Canyon, north of Sonoita, AZ. It's NF land that looks a lot like Santa Barbara County, CA -- grassy hills spotted with trees. From there we went to Buenos Aires National Wildlife Reserve for a couple of nights, then to some BLM land next to Why, AZ. Our group split up in Ehrenberg, AZ and now I'm at the Hi Jolly BLM camping area north of Quartzsite for a few days. My condolences about the serious winter weather some of you folks might be having.
Since the previous entry, I've been hanging around the Quartzsite-Yuma corridor, including the Thanksgiving soiree Bob hosted at the Ehrenberg camp. I also spent a week in Slab City and did some exploring in the Kofa National Wildlife Reserve. With the exception of a tiny bit of rain from the edge of the California storms, the weather has been great so far.
Enjoying the updates. Been dry docked - mostly - since August, and reading your posts help me feel the freedom. Thanks
I've spent the past week at Fortuna Pond, near Yuma. After so much time in the dry, rocky desert, it's nice to be around water. The place is also surrounded by farms growing green leafy vegetables. It's good to be handy to all the stores and services I might need. Finally had my windshield replaced. Enjoyed the Tamale Festival in nearby Somerton. Made a run to Los Algodones for new lenses. My feet are getting itchy, so I'm trying to decide whether to hang tight here or move on.
I'd suggest moving on and calming down those itchy feet so you can be back by the 6th at RTR!

I guess athletes foot creme won't help? :p