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Feb 28, 2022
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NC for now
Hello to all
My name is Bill
I just joined but have been following this site and Bobs videos for years.
I am on SSDI I get just over 2k and have been living in my vehicle since 12/4/20
Also did a 2yr stretch from 2015-2017
Trying to get it together to purchase a van or Class C to make vehicle living a bit easier
I currently live in an Explorer.
That is all for now I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi to all
Welcome to the forums Bill! You sound experienced already but please feel free to ask questions. What is causing you to be afraid?

To help you learn the ins and outs of these forums, this "Tips, Tricks and Rules" post lists some helpful information to get you started.

Most of our rules boil down to two simple over-riding principles: 1) What you post should provide good information (like your introductory post), and 2) Any response to someone else's post should make them feel glad they are part of this forum community.
We look forward to hearing more from you.
Welcome! I started in a1989 Honda Accord until it was time.

When we parted ways, she went to an auction house and I went into high mileage 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan named "Tara".

2K isn't bad compared to what a lot of folks have to live on. You'll be fine.

I look forward to seeing you around the boards.