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Sep 8, 2021
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What happened after  ? I don't see any updates in his channel either.

He drops into the forum pretty often.
Thanks, good info! The video is about the wind generator that he started to review.
The laws of physics are in play here. First off, wind generates 5 watts of energy for 1 square foot at 10 mph. You can only capture 35% of that with the most modern design blade system. Let's call it 35% efficient, which that thing is not, so now you are down to 1.75 watts per sqft in 10 mph wind. So that 4' diameter wheel is 12 sqft x 1.75 = 21 watts. They mentioned linear, nope, wind is cube power, take that wind to 20-mph and you have 20/10 = 2 cubed (2x2x2) so now you're at 8x21 watts making 168 watts. To get to 400 it would take a 28-mph wind. But these things are wound so horribly bad it makes them terribly inefficient, they leave a huge gap between the rotor and the stator. A You Tuber that really researches these guys mounted one on a pole on the rack of his car and drove 60-mph and got about 2 amps flowing to his 12.2V half charged battery (25 watts). Of the many, many units he purchased and dissected, he did have one with a very well wound generator and it made spec.