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May 8, 2016
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I bought the 3 quart mini instant pot and have been using it to make dinner on a semi regular basis. Right now only have 200ah of batteries hooked up (400ah soon), 300 watts of solar. With this setup, using it for small quick meals doesn’t seem to use too much electric, as long as you don’t mind going under 50% on your battery, have little other needs or in a sunny area. I am in Michigan at the moment and it’s been cloudy a lot but the sunny days every so often + whatever I can get on cloudy / rainy days has been keeping me charged up enough. I do go to Panera in the morning/daytime and on days where it’s sunny I also plug in (to my battery bank) and charge my 500wh portable bank up to get some extra reserves. Also have an AstroAI 12v fridge running off the bank 24/7 and it’s great, only have it set to like 37 haven’t tried freezing yet but I try to only buy things that need to be refrigerated (or eat them before they go bad)

I don’t mind it, because buying new batteries a bit more often is still a lot cheaper than renting an apartment…

The best part is it’s easy to clean, even though my van setup is really basic and kind of cramped. I have just been using some paper towels, dish soap and water to wipe it out.

Tonight made red curry chicken, took about 30-35 min but most of that process is just waiting.


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Looks yummy. I have thought about looking for a tiny instant pot. I have a really big one but don't use it much right now with just 2 to cook for most days.
I have the three quart instant pot ultra. It cost a little more, but the flexibility is worth it to me. The ultra will let you adjust by time and temp alone. I can sous vide a perfect steak, choose my own (lower) temp for my yogurt, and higher temp and time for the boil part of making yogurt, and and… well, you get the picture.

I run mine with a 200 Ah gel battery bank and 200w solar suitcase and 2kw pure sine wave inverter. I also run a 110 fridge on my system. So I try to finish with the instant pot early enough to still get a full charge for the day. Yogurt uses hardly any juice, though. It clicks on for a second or two now and then to maintain 107 F temp.

When I cook a full pot of watery stuff, I heat the water forts in my kettle, so the instant pot doesn’t have a long warm up period.

I am told I need an air fryer. When someone can also tell me what to get rid of so I can fit it, I will give that a think.
It's a Ninja Foodi pressure cooker / air fryer / broiler / slow cooker / oven. I'm at 200ah lifepo4 going up to 400ah with 400 watts going up to 600 watts of tilting panels. It runs on 1300 watts when pressure cooking during heat up or broiling. I can take frozen chicken wings and have them ready to eat in 30 minutes as good as any restaurant recipe. To broil a steak to medium rare with grill marks takes 15 minutes to heat the grill plate and 15 minutes to broil the steak. If I don't need grill marks then it just takes 15 minutes. Air frying also takes the same 1300 watts. It makes perfect fries from frozen in under 10 minutes.
Here. This is the long drawn out way to cook and talk and waste energy. It does show off how a Ninja Foodi setup can be awesome for those that like to cook restaurant meals. Leave the lid closed and things take way less time. On these fries, just flip them once. Do it real fast too.

I have an Insta pot mini. I also bought the accessory pack for it with an extra pot, lid, cap, tongs etc. I use it frequently especially for beans, and other long cooking foods.
I coupled this with a food storage/seal a meal food preservation bagger. This allows me to take my extra portions pop them into a bag seal it and throw it in the freezer.
I am running it on 400 W of solar, two deep cycle 6 V batteries for about 100 A usable of storage and a 2200 W inverter.
I wouldn't think that it would be more than the 700w. It's not like a compressor in a fridge or ac that requires more juice at startup. It's more like a Crock-Pot element with extra features.