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Jan 3, 2011
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Homebase is Pahrump, NV.
An invitation for Women Nomads to Camp Together. 

This is a personal invitation (not part of HOWA or CRVL) for women to camp together in the same expansive area, being COVID safe.  January 21-26, off of Plomosa Rd in Bouse (about 25 minutes from Quartzsite). 

Please visit my personal Facebook Page at this link for details.
(Also quoted below, without pictures.)  I sure hope to see you there!

Attention Women Nomads!  

Would you like to camp together with other women nomads in the larger Quartzsite area in January?  If so, how about we all meet in one expansive area, make friends, spread out, and camp together.  Here is a chance to get to know our community of sister travelers while being COVID safe.​

I apologize for the length of this post.  I'm trying to anticipate questions you might have.​

Please feel free to share this public information with other women nomads, on your own Facebook page, or however you wish.​


I'm taking time off from HOWA -- I am taking a few vacation days to camp with some women friends near Plomosa Road in Bouse, January 21-26,  I adore the experience of camping in nature with empowered and empowering women.​

You’re Invited -- I'm suggesting, for those women who want to, that you also camp in this same expansive location at the same time.  This is a personal invitation, unrelated to my work with HOWA or CRVL. I’m basically just announcing a time and location, without any organization.  So, you’ll need to be very self-sufficient -- arrive fully equipped to camp and drive into wilderness-like conditions, preparing for any type of weather.  And, most especially, arrive ready to initiate and create some new friendships; then invite those new friends to be your campmates.  This is all about finding and experiencing community with like-minded women.​

My daily walks -- I will walk around the area each day.  I hope to meet many of you.  If you see me, please put on your mask and we’ll have some lovely 6-foot chats [img=16x16]https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/td8/1.5/16/1f60a.png[/img].  I’m looking forward to it!​

COVID precautions -- The women in my personal camp will be wearing masks when we are together, keeping that 6’ distance as we sit and chat.  When you set up camp with your new friends, I’d encourage you to agree to any COVID-related precautions you choose to practice to keep yourselves safe.​

About the area -- This desert location is beautiful, with hundreds of acres to spread out and make many clusters of smallish camps.  Almost all of the suitable areas for camping are accessible by all types of rigs – cars, vans and RVs.  It’s about 15 minutes away from a Bouse gas station and grocery store.  The town’s free transfer station (42880 N 77th St) will take your garbage, Thurs-Sat 7:30-2:30.  About 35 minutes away, Quartzsite has RV dumps, water, groceries, and many other conveniences.  The free Quartzsite transfer station (1956 N Central Blvd.) is open Sun-Wed 7:30-2:30.  Cell service is sketchy, bad to non-existent.  When I was at this location a few years ago, T-Mobile seemed to have the best service.​

Men -- This is BLM 14-Day land open to the general public for free dispersed camping and off-road vehicle usage.  Other people will also be there without any idea why so many women are setting up camps.  I expect we’ll also have couples join us.  So, although I’m inviting women, men will also be around.​

Main Entrance --  33°49'38.35"N, 114° 3'20.39"W, or link on Google Maps  is https://goo.gl/maps/yN6uxnJud5ZXAusA6[/LEFT]

Let’s Go -- I’ve missed being part of a community of supportive women nomads. I’m ready to relax, enjoy nature, and be in the presence of other women’s strength, wisdom and caring.  I hope you come to camp, then find your tribe as well.
Hello and Many Thanks for all that you do :)
Sorry I don't use FB
I'm a newbie in a minivan, solo retire 64 female. I did attend The van build fest 2019 and WRTR n RTR 2020 in a rented minivan. I Loved the folks I met and loved setting up the minivan using many thrift store finds. I took a few long weekend trips and believe my minivan and I are good to go across the country :) to camp with you all. If you have time Pls can you share with me what paper maps you carry? I do have a list of apps.
I want to leave NJ mid December and enjoy a slow ride to AZ. So excited!!!
All suggestions on routes, stops, sites and cautions are welcomed.
Safe Travels
Hi Teri,

In my opening post is all of the information on Facebook. So, no need to use FB to join the women in January.

I don't use any paper maps. But some of my Nomad friends use State-Based Map Books by Delorme and/or Rand McNally. I typically use Google Maps or Google Earth.

Enjoy the planning. Hope to see you there!
Hi Suanne,

Love all you do for us Nomads and Nomads at Heart.  (And Bob too!)  I will be visiting in January, just to 'hangout'.  I plan to leave TN January 1st 2021 and head West, if all goes as planned!

I don't use FB either.  Prefer email, text or actual talking.  (I know, i'm weird. ;)

This is my first post here, hope i did it right.

Dee in Tennessee
Hi Suanne thanks so much for the reply!!! I\'ll look a those for sure. My cell blinked out on me in Az so i'd like to have back up. Many thanks for sharing your vacation time. You are a special women
I hope I am able to make it to this women's camping get together. I really regret missing the WRTR and RTR last year especially in light of the pandemic causing caravans to be put on hold.

Thanks so much for mentioning it on the live feed and for posting details on here. I'm taking a Facebook break and glad to be able to get details without logging back on to FB.
I can hardly believe this, woohoo! It will be my maiden voyage, I am brand spanking new, just posted my intro yesterday. AWESOME!!!! Like the Stones said, wild horses couldn't keep (or was it drag) me away!!!! I don't think my power / solar will be in yet, and I might be in a wheelchair due to hip surgery Jan. 5, and I am probably going to experience system failures in general en route from SF, but rain or shine I am SO there. Thank you for the invitation, if I could do a happy dance right here I would. I'll be easy to spot,  Chevy Express 3500 ext., all the above noticable features, grey hair, a wide grin, and running for congress, so to speak, since y'all will be the first folks I ever meet who do this and I am looking forward to that.
SF to. Quarzsite is a a nice distance for a maiden voyage run. not too short and not too long. Try to be positive and not think that there will be any major system failures. Of course there will be things you decide could use improvement, things you brought along that it turns out you dont need and things you wish you had. But that is true even when you change from one sticks and bricks location to another, or take any kind of travel trip.
This is a sort of embarrassing question. How do you women who have bladder leaks handle this without using pads and having lots of trash. ??‍♀️
For skin health, you will want to use pads and change within 10 minutes. Having wetness against your skin will cause skin damage. Best to take the trash out every day in a van.

There are also exercises for women and men:
Kegel 10 reps 3 sets
Squat 15 reps
Bridge 15 reps 3 sets
Split tabletop 15 reps 3 sets
Bird dog 10 reps 3 sets

If you do all that you will be in really good shape.  
I sought out a doctor who took care of the issue. My insurance covered the procedure.
I’ve had the surgery about 20 years ago and it is now back. I’ve been told there is nothing else they can do surgically to fix it.
@ Suanne
I see where you pinned the location of the "entrance" of the woman camping spot.
Will it be easy to find you all after starting down the road?
Thanks, I look forward to being there.
TY Suanne for doing this - sounds like a good time!
crofter said:
Sounds like a great time!    -crofter
You will not see my face as we are still quarantine till mid February. That means you all will have to have twice as much fun for me too! Blessings
Did this happen, women camping together in Quartzite? Sounded really good to me. If anyone is doing this, or knows of another group, I'd love to know about it, Denise