White roof paint/coating for aluminum box truck roof

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Nov 10, 2021
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I have a 10ft box truck with FRP walls and an aluminum roof. I am going to paint the roof white to reflect more sun and for extra waterproof assurance along the seams.

Some people love dicor, I’ve looked into Semco, etc, but am not totally set on one. My only contraint is I need to be able to layer sealant (butyl tape, lap sealant, eternabond) either over or under the paint when I put in my vent fans. Definitely open to using marine grade stuff as that seems like a great bet.

Any suggestions, definite no’s, or experiences?

Thank you!
I have Henry's Tropicool roof paint on my hightop van and little trailer roofs. It has been on for about 5 years and has lost its sheen but not chalking and holding up well. I got it at Home Depot but it should be available at most of the big box lumber stores and maybe bigger hardware stores. It skins over in a half hour but not cured for a day or so but still OK for rain and probably travel before cured. Just scuff up roof with a scuffing pad or sandpaper for good adhesion.