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Nice project. You have so many skills. I'm still deciding on whether to get a tall Transit, Promaster or a box van so I'll be following...
I have completed the interior of the cab. As a floor covering I installed interlocking rubber mats like you might see at the gym. I modified some seat covers to fit my seats. I used the same type of material that used to be a bench seat cover, and made it into a wrap-around curtain. I used the screws that secure the sun visors to secure fasteners for the curtain. I got a new windshield. The back end of the truck is up on jack stands in order to replace the fuel tank. Pictured are the old and new tank. While the rear end is elevated, I’ll swap out the rear shocks with heavy duty Bilstein’s, and replace the brake pads. In the meantime I got 6 new tires and got the rear ones mounted on the rims. The mechanical restoration is nearly complete. I should be ready to roll in May. That will make this a 2-year project. It’s been so much fun that I can’t wait to do it all again. Fortunately I have a friend who’s getting ready to do a van conversion.000_1191.JPG000_1192.JPG000_1193.JPG000_1194.JPG