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Reducto said:
I'm surprised more people aren't jumping on the poker dealing thing,

You may have said before but is there a shortage of poker dealers? Also, after taking the class what does it take to get hired as a dealer? Maybe I should ask...what type of person would get hired. Age, physical appearance, etc....
I just have a job that I go to. Nothing different then when I lived in a house or an apartment. The only difference is that now I don't pay any rent and can save way more money then I ever could before. It does help that I have a job that travels a lot. So as I write this I'm sitting in a comfortable hotel room with the AC blowing cold and the ability to take a long hot shower. But by tomorrow afternoon I'll be back in the van.

Not everyone that lives in a van is traveling. It seems like most on the forum do though. Most of what I read about boon docking and BLM land just doesn't apply to me. I'm pretty much always in a metropolitan city. Water is easy to come by. I go to the gym to shower most days. The only difference is living in a van as opposed to an apartment.

There are a lot of ways to live in a van/car/rv etc.. For anyone about to embark on this adventure I would say find what works for you. Try different things out. You could do seasonal work and save up some money and move on. You could also take a normal job and work for 6 months at that and save up as well. It really comes down to how you want to live.

I'm going back over your older original thread on dealing poker.