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Cool... I'll be in Massachusetts Tuesday night.

Have you heard if your place in PR is ok?

Hurricane Fiona made a mess of things, and as I type this, severe flooding has occurred and power is reportedly out all over the island. I have been monitoring the ham radio hurricane net frequencies...not much is being reported yet, and most of what I'm hearing is in Spanish (presumably) so I'm not really sure what I'm hearing.
Hey everybody dont forget the chatroom is open on Tuesday nights!

I will probably be about an hour late but will try to be in the chat sometime after about 8. See you there!
I woke up convinced that it's Weds and I missed it. Started to write an "oops post" and realized that today IS Tuesday and I haven't missed it. My plan is that I'll be there tonight.
I make great coffee, well It didn't make me sick but I am awake.
Got chewed out for rambling about the past so, here is todays happenings.
Got dog and cat to the vet for shots. Poked two of my fingers with a screw driver and made them bleed but continued on anyway. Also stumbled and tipped over a little bit, banged my head on a stick of wood or maybe a branch, had to stop for a while since a little red stuff got in my left eye, duct tape fixed that as usual.
Yesterday I ordered a new trailer plug and then found one tucked away in my junk box that I'd picked up 2 or 3 years ago but then my kid showed up for the second time this summer so did not get going on the re-wire till after dark - now it has begun to rain.. I have given up for the time being.
Still have great plans on moving south in the next week or two. nothing ever goes as I plan but at least I woke up this morning.
we'll see how it goes tomorrow.
Update - my three lead acid deep cycle batteries are doing fine using 4 100 watt solar panels, perking coffee, running the microware and what ever lights I want at night.. I did not think that the computer and phone would take much and so far have not had any problems. time will tell if I have to conserve - If I need, I've got a small gas gen and of course I can hook up to the pickup for backup power if needed. I slept good last night.

Oil can - Ken to everyone else (old guy to you youngsters out there)

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