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Set alarms?? That is contrary wise to living a spawned-taineous life style.
Thanks to all of you that stopped by last night. I would like to take (yet another) vote on a night change:

Change to: Tuesday nights, 7pm central
KEEP: Wednesday nights, 7pm central (Kyz will be at least 30 minutes late for the next few weeks)
Change to: Thursday nights, 7pm central
Or other suggestions?

I have 1 vote for Tuesday nights, so speak up!

And as always, the room stays open 24/7. If you'd like to list a random date/time (list your time zone) that you have available, PLEASE post it here and hopefully some others will have some extra time. For best results, give advanced warning. :)

NOW, please let me know your preferences for our weekly scheduled chats. Thanks!

Chat link: https://organizations.minnit.chat/488261026926090/VL
Tuesday.... really any of the three is fine with me.
I'm ON IT!

And this thread will be a 'sticky' until Tuesday night, just to remind people who only check in occasionally.

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