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Feb 22, 2019
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Whidbey Isand WA
As we finished up our Xmas shopping last night and where ready to head for the door I saw a big ol' tough looking guy come into the store, his front pocket was very wiggly... and as he passed me out popped a tiny baby chiwawa puppy. I could not help it I smiled and giggled. And said I love his wiggly pocket quietly as he passed by. He smiled back and hubby giggled behind me.

I was thinking of the few times we had snuck some critters into places where we were not supposed to take them.... Kids did too. The garter snakes in the grocery stores, the 6-foot Boa in the motel room when we were going cross country on a move. The puppy into the library. The parrot on the bus. My neighbor snuck a parrakeet on to an airplane. I snuck several baby chicks into my kitchen and the licensing lady pretended not to see them. I had a turtle snuck past the director at one of the centers I worked at... One parent hid a baby lamb in her coat when she came and picked up her kido. I guess it was needing warmth as it was not doing well with it's momma sheep. I have snuck small critters into lots of places but nope no dogs into grocery stores. Though one did run into one as we had left the window down too far and he followed us in.

So, what about you? Has anyone here snuck a critter someplace they should have not......
I tried but the box that fit around him did not fit into the grocery cart and Walmart does not have flatbed carts for shoppers.
I have never tried to sneak an animal into a place he didn't belong. The church I go to has had some animal visitors. Nobody seems to mind.
An acquaintance of mine visited an indoor aquarium with her special needs child. It was a long time ago, and I never was entirely clear on the details, but apparently he joined the penguins in their habitat. Following a great deal of commotion, they were asked to leave. In the car, she smelled something "bad." Turned out to be a penguin under his coat! I understand there was even more commotion when they went back to return it!

The same facility had a few "escapes," including a toucan that joined me for lunch in an open-air office building atrium. Thought I was hallucinating at first! I left it to enjoy a bite of my fruit salad, and went inside to call (pre-cell phone era). A few minutes later, a young woman in tan shorts with a net arrived. Just one of many encounters with displaced species in that urban jungle!

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