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LTVA / Campground Potty Rules

  • #1 only in toliets only but bucket method OK and dump in dumpster or trash can

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  • #1 and #2 in toliets only

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  • OK to mix water with #1 and dump

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  • OK to mix water with #1 and dump AND use bucket method for # 2 and use trash/dumpster

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Jul 31, 2018
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When staying on a LTVA/Campground:

1 Is it OK to pee on a bottle and... dump it in the vault toilet  OR mix with the bathwater (no toxic soaps and mostly just dirty water)  and water a bush?


2 is it Ok to do a number 2 in a bag method ( test method has no smell worse than my dog's potty bags.. I use cat litter to separate liquids and wrap it up in a trash bag then use a ziplock bag on top.  I left a few of these in the bucket for over 10 days no smell beyond the cat litter smell.) and dump into the outdoor trash.  Either dumpster or can.

If not then would that behavior be only OK while boondocking? I'm just curious do people do this or do they view it as littering. I know my dog does it every day so does that mean I can to and not harm the land. I read that mixing pee with water and pouring it on rocks is acceptable so the animals don't get it.  I'm rather new to all this so I just not sure if it's a big issue or if it is not...

Sorry to any mods if this causes a potty war.. I just generally want to know if doing this is acceptable or not.  Please be kind I just am trying to learn and gain insights as to what people may generally think about such things. 

There could be a difference between what people self report, and what LTVA rules allow.

Last time I was at the LTVA I noticed a "no sewage" sign on the dumpster and was advised by the host that I could stay there in my no-tanks van for 1 night.
I've never had reason to use an LTVA, but a friend who uses them told me it's against the rules to dump the contents of your bottles or buckets into the vault toilets. That makes no sense to me. It's okay if #1 and #2 come directly out of my body, but not okay if the very same stuff makes a stop in a container along the way? What's the difference? Sure, don't dump plastic bags of poo in the toilet, but I'm talking about emptying the bags into the toilet.
Hmmm. If you don't have a permanent black tank on your rig at LTVAs, your camp area is limited to a certain radius around vault toilets. I think its 500 ft. The idea is that you will use the vault toilet. The sewage gets pumped from them and proper sewage handling ensues.

If a person really didn't want to use a vault toilet, I would HOPE they'd spring for a small blue boy and dump at the dump station and satisfy the letter and spirit of the rules.

IMO, the rules are the rules, and it's people who bend and break rules that make for even more strict rules, until places get shut down for having become icky, trashy, cesspools of unmanagable public lands.

/soapbox moment
Please DO NOT dump anything into the vault toilets that doesn't come straight out of your body.

Mr. Noodly the rules don't surprise me at all.  There are places to properly dispose of human waste.  If they allow everybody to dump in the vault toilets they would soon be overwhelmed,  Plus people would dump other stuff like plastic bags containing human waste not to mention all kinds of other stuff.  Which probably happens now,  we don't want to encourage more.

Here is the sign that is posted on the vault doors at La Posa LTVA,


I have posted this before and a link to the rules.  Please follow them.



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