Ok, I'm pullin' the trigger on a power station........

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Now I just have to figure out if my Odyssey alternator can charge it up at idle through an inverter. Supposed to be a 130 amp alternator, but that is with the engine throttled up. I wonder how high I can set the charging watts?

Using a BMS, you could experiment (adjusting the Delta's draw and monitoring the chassis's battery state of charge response) to determine how much your alternator can handle. Here's Renogy's but Amazon also sells cheap (<$25) Chinese brands.
That was overkill for me. I simply bought an invertor that displayed battery voltage and throttled my Delta until my vehicle stopped giving error codes. My admittedly conservative numbers: during freeway driving I charge at 800W, during city driving 600W, and (very rarely) idling at 400W.
One last thing on this Ecoflow 400 watt panel:

The idea of using the included storage case as a lean-to kikstand brace for the panel itself just really put me into “ you’re effin kidding” mode; sooo I hit the nearest Lowes up for some 3/8”& 1/4” aluminum channel in 4’ lengths that I’m going to make some real braces to prop up this panel with sooz to point toward Mr. Sol……

Will post pix win I’ve completed my improvements to Ecoflows pathetic panel prop up positioning…….
In a cupl days………jonny boi
Might want to build in some attachment points for anchors or sand bags, I have had them blow over occasionally!
Yeah. The panels are built with plenty of grommets to use tent pegs too. I’ve already mapped the plan in my head and will post some pix when completed. Pretty simple really but will be both functional and aesthetically ok.
“Does It Work?!” Why I’ve detached myself from Society & people; just no patience for inefficiency or things haf ass designed.

Ecoflow makes a great power station; they make a great portable solar panel and then they incorporate this Mickey Mouse case stand prop that gave me flash backs of military equipment…….

Send me a bill 4 therapy……..
jonny boi luzsha
Ooo K…..
Made 3 “legs” for the 400 watt solar panel. I’m also going to make 4th leg as well. They were eazy to make; all 3 took about 90 minutes while I was having my morning kawfee.
Above: 3 finished product panel braces folded up ready for use.
Below: close up of how they’re put together.

Above: Anchored with tent stakes.
All set & ready to rock!
Jonny boi feelin lots better with my DIY solar panel braces 😁 😎
Wait! McDonalds has breakfasts? Jonny boi must get up awful late in the afternoon to think a almost straight up angle is good. Probably just the camera angle, although for some reason that sailing song is now stuck in my head. Lol!! I bet they become adjustable and have a backing before long! Just saying, keep us informed on how it works out!
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:) Yeah I have those panels angled pretty steep toward a north latitude winter sun. Right now where I’m at in Michigan my latitude is about 44 degrees and those panels are angled about 64 degrees which is a lil steep even for here for winter.

The aluminum channel I used is 48” long and I wanted to put the things together as is to see how the process would go b4 I started cutting.
During winter my average latitude is generally about 28-29 degrees so I really need to shorten the support brace by about 14”. That would put me at a better angle for where I’m at in winter as well as have me about on the money in summer in Michigan.
intjonny luzsha
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Just a thought. Get some channel that the existing channel can fit inside so you can make the angle adjustable as needed. Using whatever method that makes sense to you to hold the angle. I can think of a few ways, but you're obviously good with fabrication.

Saves you time later when the sun decides to move on you.
Dude, I’m already there as I’ve put this together using 2 different size channel that one fits in the other so I can simply fold them together when not in use.
I’ll cut 14” off the support brace and make a couple other tweex and it’ll b good 2 go. Then I’ll patent the thing and sell it to Ecoflow. 🤣
Jonny boi
Slicky slacky fishy tale...thanks man...and Woody G for the words
Dude, Don’t one line me…… I don’t wana be one lined!

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jonny luzsha baybee alway have alway will
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I’m getting old I was thinking “Talking Fish Blues” I think! Lol!!!
Soooz this AM I run that Delta 2 down to 44% - makin kawfee & stuff - Delta down at Delta Dawn……
hadda xperiment tween it n the 400 watt solar panel I bin buildin 2 pair of aluminum legs 4.

Nice sunny day here 2 & low humidity. All worked well and time to 100% charge took 1hr 52 minutes. Wattage reading was 348.

Another thing I’m going to modify on those homemade legs is lose those wing nuts and use hairpin cotter keys…….

Alls well on the photon side of the moon.
intjonny koon killin it
Finally all set with my modifications to the Ecoflow solar panel:
Replaced the 3/8" threaded rod I had originally used on the ground brace with 1/4" threaded rod which is what I used on the slanted brace where it attached thru the panel grommets. I then switched out the wing nuts I originally used with hairpin R cotter pins. Made a jig so I could drill a decently located hole thru those 1/4" rods as I used a 5/64" drill bit so didn't have a lot of room for error if the holes weren't precisely centered........

Decided to replace the 3/8" rod because the panel grommets have a 1/2" diameter but when slanted at an approximately 45 degree angle to the ground, the grommet distance perpendicular to the ground becomes 0.354" and the 3/8" rod diameter is 0.375" so a portion of the panel at the grommet needs to bend in order for the rod to go thru the grommet.........not good. So now the 1/4" dia. rods can easily go thru that 0.354" distance.

Modifications to the initial 'prototype' completed.
ok it takes a helluvalot 2 mpress me and now that I’ve been back on the road for over a month and have been putting this Delta2 along with the 400 watt solar I bought as a package thru the paces………

This thing with the LiFePO4 battery? Amazing electrical power & charging technology. I’m not pushing Ecoflow perse’ but the battery technology of the LiFePo4 system in general.

I don’t care what quality built product you may be interested in: Bluetti, Jackery, Ecoflow, etc or a stand alone LiFePo4 battery like BattleBorn; etc teamed with an inverter and/or 12v outlets………

This is absolute amazing technology and should be pushed as standard equipment for any vehicle livin 120/12 volt vagabon nomad.

Now I’m not chatterin to the Class A, B or C crowd but mostly to those of us livin you know in a Class D or E or hell maybe we even been booted outa Class.


One of these LiFePo4 batts are right up there idk; Air, water, food, gin (me), quality mattress, tires & footwear, LiFePo4 batt, porta-potti, stereo tunes & speakers?? Not in any order.

Just u no. The gotta haves
jonny boi needin my lithium pills
I use the heck out of the ones on my electric bike and they have impressed me but still have concerns about their use/charging in extreme temperatures. It would help if they came in a fire proof container as well as had better repetitive safety systems to prevent not only fire but damage as they are so darned expensive.
I use the heck out of the ones on my electric bike and they have impressed me but still have concerns about their use/charging in extreme temperatures. It would help if they came in a fire proof container as well as had better repetitive safety systems to prevent not only fire but damage as they are so darned expensive.
Safety is where the LiFePo4 shines over preev lithium batts. I’ve never considered an lithium battery for ur reasons but the LiFePo4 has transcended those concerns for me.

I’ve been in the SW Texas 90+ degree temps specifically to test this Delta2 and make it work.

Over use/charging cycles the LiFePo4 actually becomes less expensive. But I’m a over the long term dude not what’s cheapest 2day 2 git me thru 2maro……

Blaise Pascal would love me as I’m all about the best deal 4 the long term. 😆😂
jonny boi thinkin u thinkin HUH??!
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