120v shore power for heating and winter window condensation.

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Sep 20, 2019
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When I went from Florida back to Canada, I got into the Buffalo snow storm (in December 2022). I was lucky to find a rest stop with 120v power outlet. They did not object that I used it for 2 days :)

I had a 1500/700 old and not stinky ceramic heater in my not-insulated Dodge Caravan and it was enough at minus 20 celsius(-4 °F). The only problem was with dry air, because all the moisture became ice on windows. It helped to point the heater fan toward the windshield, but other windows remained icy.

I also have a problem with condensation in my apartment, so I have made a window heater, or rather an aluminium window frame heater from silicone tube and spiral which I can stretch, according to tube/window length. I think that it could be used in any car too, I attach two photos and here are links to the components I used:

AC 220V (it works with 120v too) 10000W 80A to Control Digital Scr Voltage Regulator Electronic

2pcs 3.7mm*130mm Heating Element Coil Wire AC220V 300W /AC110V 75W Kiln Furnace Heater Wire Heating Resistor Wire

Don't remember where I bought my silicone tubing but it is sold everywhere. Just watch for the right size and temperature resistance up to 200 Celsius (392°F).

For my 1.5 m window, the maximum power is 80 watts, which is enough to keep my apartment window dry even when it is cold outside. My window design is VERY bad for cold climates (horizontally sliding, not double). Full power makes the tube too hot when it is not too cold outside, hence the power regulator.


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