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Jun 6, 2016
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I'm starting to think about buying a good RV to live in as an alternative to buying in Seattle's pricey real estate market. It's escalating rapidly, not to mention I appreciate Justin Credible's slogan "99 problems but a mortgage ain't one".  I would like to become more nomadic in the future but for now I just want to buy an RV and use it as a tiny home in an RV park.  I have some ideas of types of RVs but what I am uncertain about is where I can find decent long term RV parks in the Seattle area.  Does anyone have any recommendations?

I kind of like the concept of Tony Hsieh's LLamapolis in Las Vegas, http://rvtravel.about.com/od/RV-News/fl/Llamapolis-A-Millionaires-Airstream-Compound.htm , but it doesn't have to be exactly like that. I am just looking for something that is reasonable safe and peaceful. Oh and I currently work about halfway between Seattle and Tacoma so I'd be commuting to there from the RV park for the time being. I am currently renting and would like to reduce the amount of money I am tossing away on that while also owning something tangible in the RV.
Welcome to the CRVL forums, Peacepanda! To help you learn the ins and outs of these forums, this "Tips & Tricks" post lists some helpful information to get you started. We look forward to hearing more from you.

I don't have any information myself but I do know there are websites and faceebook pages dedicated to the review of RV parks

Escapees is an excellent long term option. I don't know where their Washington Park is in relationship to Seattle
Welcome Peacepanda! LLamapolis looks like a wonderful place to live but it's definitely an experimental community. It will be hard to find anything similar. Your best bet is to check out mobile home parks.  Not all of them will accept RVs so you'll have to make some phone calls and go see them to decide if they'll work for you. Google search for mobile home parks in Seattle: https://www.google.com/search?q=sea...36,11380&tbm=lcl&tbs=lf:1,lf_ui:2&rlfi=hd:;si:

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