How would YOU mount 4 100-watt panels on a 2006 Honda Odyssey?

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The exploroz forums used to be a great resource for solar panel mouting in adverse conditions. I think the concensus was for 'no hole solar' panel mounting as a Sika polyurethane glue especally made for it. I used generic polyurethane glue. You will not remove this stuff once cured. Angle aluminium might be ok for vhb tape if running the whole length (not sure how you are doing it). I think people in exploroz forums were using those plastic corner and midway mounts with polyurethane glue which has a much small surface contact area. I guess what I am trying to say polyurethane glue is stronger than vhb tape.
I did use the tape down the entire length of both pieces of aluminum angle. Has not yet passed the test of time though. I installed it about 2 months ago and have only driven about 400 miles with it.

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