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As it has become easier and more acceptable to work online more young people are joining the nomadic life. At this point, HomesOnWheelsAlliance has 10 board of trustee members. I believe that 9 are full-time nomads with 5 over retirement age and 5 in their 30s, 40s and 50s.

The Rubber Tramp Rendezvous seminars attract new nomads want-to-be nomads so the crowd is a bit younger. I've also seen more younger people volunteering at events. Many of the older and experienced nomads don't go to the seminars but still come to Quartzsite to camp with their friends.

I think members in this forum tend to be older because young people prefer other methods of communicating.
I think younger folks can't afford to rent or own anyone either. Just like everyone. My youngest kid and her partner were unhoused for a while and lived partly out of their skoolie. I love that it's a community if all ages and that there are volunteer opportunities. And I agree, forums like this wouldn't be my kids thing. :giggle:
I think younger folks can't afford to rent or own anyone either.
Nothing new about young people needing to share rent cost with friends. I was doing that in 1969 and yet again in 1978. Most married people are still sharing cost of housing too. It all depends on your point of perspective when you look at things. I have plenty of distance for getting a good perspective in my 70’s 🤪

Don’t forget the TV show Golden Girls, sometimes seniors also share or rent out rooms in a house. I have also done that with a close friend and it is certainly an option for people who can no longer do the nomadic life but have a limited budget for housing and cannot get section 8 housing vouchers or even get on a waiting list due to the demand.
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Yes! Originally my idea was to get a duplex to share with my best friend and her daughter. But she now seems to have a steady Beau so that option didn't seem as great. I am happy for her though because it's what she really wanted and she is much younger than I am. Kids are moving back with parents too. I once read a book about all sorts of ways to do primary relationships. They can be any combination of folks really. And now with the economy, we need to be creative...again! Like we were in the good old days!
It seems several YouTubers have made enough money to buy acreage and share or divide their home base property while they develope it into a community of sorts.
When I was looking into cohousing communities, it seemed like many of them were always looking for folks to buy into them. They are interesting concepts for sure, but for me felt restrictive in the end with lots of rules and money donations and mandatory work effort etc. For sure, they lean towards the loosey goosey way of running things: consensus and for the money got you some pretty cool stuff, plus the work was all good stuff generally towards making the place run. But it still I could be committing to something that could end up being the big flop. If the people were not my types (as many people don't seem to jive with me long term) then you're kinda stuck. And then there's the fact now that they are whooping expensive to get into! o_O