Belated hello... and a vehicle-choice conundrum.

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As far as seeing stuff at night... one of the most memorable hikes I ever had was at night --
watching elk, and getting closer to them than I could've done in the daytime.
I had a flashlight, but didn't need it... because the moon was bright.
I love taking walks at night; never bring a flashlight. Starlight is enough to make out a trail, if there isn't dense forest. I can't see very well of course, but there are very few dangerous animals.

Elk can be dangerous though! I was charged by a female in town, and my wife was too on a separate occasion. Getting charged by a bull would be a whole nother level of exciting! I'd be careful about sneaking up on them.
Afblangley makes some good points above. The driver's side mirror adjustment failed recently while driving through some wind driven torrential rain on a busy interstate (not something we often do). Having the windows to help with visibility was a good thing!

Our van is a '96 (OBDII, babies, LOL) Chevy Express 1500 low top, upfitted back in the day for luxury travel. I paid around $3K for it in 2007. The finished interior has actually been a big plus for us, too. Chief among our favorite features are the nine-way adjustable seats and the windows (views, ventilation and tons of cupholders). The upgraded exterior paint job has held up well, too. I agree that the rear a/c can be nice, but it does complicate adding roof vents or a roof top a/c unit--neither of which we have.

My husband is tall, and I don't know how he manages with the low clearance, but he says more would be nice, but it really doesn't bother him.

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