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    Found a van for sale with a sticker hiding the, "check engine" light

    I was looking to see if it was a late 90s or early 2k model Chevy. My advice would have been: get a new piece of tape and carry on. ( outside of CA). 😁
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    How DID I Get Here?

    Well- I’m baaa-aack. A-gain. Prepping van for a trek of (hopefully) some duration.   First on my list- Decided to FINALLY go for it and remove my bench seat electric Conversion van bed. The lack of storage is insane.   Sunday was one of life’s Best days ever. If I had known I’d be THIS...
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    Alpicool fridge/freezer Temp issues

    Just FYI , for those who were kind enough to answer: I LOVED that little cheapie fridge, and decided to just donate the old one to a friend, and buy another one :):) This time, however, I went with a company who has customer service and sells lots of industrial strength type items. They just...
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    Finally! Seat out!

    I guess…. I get very attached to things I love? Hey- my mom was mentally ill, okay?! :);)- lol Always pressured me to “take good care” of what I had, cause I ”might not get another” one. I had a house one time that took a few years of Despising paneling before I thrilled to what 4 good...
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    Should I Delay My Departure

    What a Great thread!! :):):)
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    Cutting the Rear Seat Wires

    Sooo glad my van is an oldie!  I detest warning lights from the dash!!  Makes me unnecessarily nervous. (Which, is why I’m questioning here!) :):)
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    RIP highdesertranger

    He was my Hero.  :heart:
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    Alligator clips?

    Battery Cables are connected from battery to inverter.   Solar panels have a built-in charge controller (on backside) with wires leading out to end in Alligator clips ( for attaching to battery).    I am aware of the ability (although looks like a PITA) to change them.     I’m just trying to...
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    Cutting the Rear Seat Wires

    Yes, there are connectors, and they are unplugged. No problems atm. BTW…. Van is a 1999- so more ‘old school’. I’m trying to decide if a few more inches of sq footage is worth it. Lol. I have about 3’ of it wrapped and twist tied for now so….. ????? Next. ? (Maybe I should have put this...
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    Using Reflectix insulation for window coverings

    Reflectix alone. Paint one side black, if you must. Switch sides at night. I love how mine fit right into the glass without a bunch of fuss. I can just pulled off at will. :) Can’t really see the silver they tint on mine. This is well into my second vehicle set.
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    Hi everyone.[split] Newbie Here

    Hi-You’ll love it here. Welcome.
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    Hi to everyone

    Hi- Welcome! :)
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    Cutting the Rear Seat Wires

    Should I have any concerns for other electronic components in my van getting weird, due to cutting/capping the wires to removed rear bench seat?   Thank you. 
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    Alligator clips?

    :huh:  My 200w solar panels ( suitcase w/built in controller) has alligator clips for hooking to my 100 ah Bluetop battery. Battery is attached to 800 watt inverter.    Question: Should I just be happy plugging in whatever I need (to use or charge) into the inverter- instead of worrying about...
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    Securing Sub Floor

    I always base those sort of decisions on what I call: “The Accident Criteria”: If it’s probably only going to come loose in such a severe accident that I’d probably die anyway- I don’t worry about it. Everything else get secured.:):)